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Green Lantern: First Flight (PG-13)
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Caution: potential spoilers.

Hmmm. What can I say? Um... okay, the Green Lantern Corps. I know I read some comics about them when I was younger. They were, of course, around before my time, and the first Green Lantern was... well, not my Green Lantern. Mine is Hal Jordan, and he's the main one in this movie, so okay. It's just... there's this whole huge group that are pretty much the cops of the universe, and they all answer to the Guardians, beings from the planet Oa. Each Green Lantern serves as protector of a given sector. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The movie starts with a test pilot named Hal Jordan (Christopher Meloni). But... what he's doing is of no importance to the story, though at least we get to see a bit of his boss/girlfriend?, Carol Ferris (Olivia d'Abo). But then, a spaceship crashes on Earth, and... Jordan's test module gets transported to the crash site. There he meets Abin Sur (Richard McGonagle), who is on the brink of death. Sur tells Jordan that his ring has chosen him. So, the ring leaves Sur's finger, and slips itself onto Jordan's. Then, Jordan gets... suited up as a Green Lantern. Sur's last words were that the Guardians would call for him, and soon enough, they do. A group of Green Lanterns including Sinestro (Victor Garber), Kilowog, Boodikka (Tricia Helfer), and Tomar-Re (John Larroquette) show up to bring Jordan to Oa. The Guardians don't want to entrust a human with one of their rings, which give the wearer the power to pretty much do whatever they can imagine. Humans, after all, are pretty barbaric. But Sinestro offers to take Jordan under his wing, and the Guardians agree.

The first mission Sinestro takes Jordan on is a hunt for the killer of Abin Sur: Cuch. Jordan captures him, and they take him back to Oa, where Sinestro interrogates him. What he wants is to find Cuch's boss, Kanjar Ro (Kurtwood Smith). Um... listen, I honestly don't know a huge amount about the Green Lantern Corps, but one thing I could tell you is this: never trust freaking Sinestro. And certainly, Hal Jordan soon realizes the guy isn't exactly a model Lantern. Sinestro thinks the Guardians have grown too soft, and wants to handle the universe differently. So... it turns out he's been working with Kanjar Ro, who had stolen something called the yellow element, which could be made into a weapon against the green element, which powers the rings of the Green Lanterns.

Anyway, I don't really want to give away any more of the plot, though obviously there'll be a battle between Sinestro and the GL corps, once he gets his hands on the yellow element weapon. Um... so, whatever. I vaguely knew Jordan's origin before this, and I vaguely knew some other members of the Corps. Several GL's appear beside the ones I've already mentioned, including Arisia (Kath Soucie), though she shouldn't have joined the GLC until some time after Jordan, so that was weird... not that I'm complaining. It was a decent movie, I guess. I feel like it could have been better, though I don't know how. Also I don't know if it's directly related to any other DC movies or TV series. But anyway, reasonably fun and cool and amusing and stuff.

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