DC animated films

Most of these films were originally listed under animated films, but there were getting to be a lot of DC films I'd seen and a lot more I intend to see eventually. So I decided to make some room in the animated category by giving DC films their own section. Most things I list here are traditionally animated, but some are CGI. Most are western animation, but some are anime.

Batman Unlimited
There are just a few films in this sub-category, and they will be listed in the order they were released (although I saw the second one first).

DC Animated Movie Universe
This is a sub-category of films that share a continuity. They're listed in order of release.

DC Animated Universe
These are films that are part of the continuity that began with the TV series Batman: The Animated Series. They're listed in order of continuity.

DC Super Hero Girls
These are a few films based on the webseries of the same name. They're listed in order of release.

DC Tomorrowverse
I haven't seen any of the movies in this series yet, but I want to. (I feel like maybe I should get caught up on the Animated Movie Universe first, though.)

DC Universe Animated Original Movies
A few movies in this series may share a continuity, but most don't. They're listed (mostly) alphabetically.

Standalone films
While most of the Animated Original Movies are standalone, these ones are especially standalone. I guess.