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Chasing Molly (not rated)
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This is something I know exists because an ad for it showed up in my facebook feed one day. (That day was June 2, 2019, which I know because when I wrote this review, I did an exhaustive search of my facebook history trying to find my reply to the ad, which was "I will watch anything with Felicia Day in it." Which isn't 100% true, but near enough.) So... I put it on my Amazon watchlist, and at the time, I think it would have cost me a couple bucks to rent it. Which I fully intended to do, but before I got around to it, the movie became included for free with my Amazon Video subscription, at which time I became even more eager to watch it. But I am such a procrastinator, and there are always other things to watch, and my internet isn't always fast enough to watch stuff online. In fact, I did finally start watching it once, probably at least a few months after adding it to my watchlist, but I only got a few minutes into it before I got tired of the buffering. So once again, I put it off for at least another month. I finally watched it on November 16. And I'm glad I did, because it was entertaining, even if Felicia's role was disappointingly small. In fact, I'm not sure whether I would have even mentioned her character, when writing my review, if not for the fact that she's the reason I watched it in the first place.

Anyway, there are these two con artists named Molly and Atticus, who pretend to rid people's houses (or other places) of ghostly infestations, while actually just stealing random stuff. (Atticus is played by Jim Cashman, who is quite a familiar face, because he plays Jamie in a bunch of Progressive commercials.) One day, a couple of gangsters hire Molly and Atticus because they think their lair or whatever is haunted by the ghost of someone their boss had recently killed. I have to assume Molly and Atticus had no idea these people were gangsters, otherwise they never would have stolen from them, right? But one of the things Atticus steals is a teapot, which they later discover is filled with drugs shaped like Lego bricks. So, they start selling the drugs themselves (after Molly gets her friend Rawhide to take one of the pills). But when the head gangster finds out his drugs had been stolen, he sends his goons to get them back from the con artists, and they end up kidnapping Atticus, and call Molly to get her to return the drugs. Which, of course, she can't do, because by then she'd sold them all. (And for a reason I won't reveal, she lost the money she'd made.) So she has to find some way of saving her partner's life. She asks Rawhide if he knows where she can get more pills, and he sends her to a drug dealer named Skullf$cker (Jeff Lewis), as well as to a former Tibetan monk who is now a weapons dealer.

Well, there are various subplots. One is just a couple of cops named Reyes and Brock talking to each other about random stuff while avoiding doing any actual police work. And there's Atticus's girlfriend, Kaitlin (Day), who is jealous of Molly, I guess, and generally very angry. And... I dunno, lots of stuff happens throughout the movie, and it's all very weird, and often hard to follow, and a lot of it is kind of crude, and I'm not quite sure what else to say. Except that there is a happy ending. And a Where Are They Now? epilogue for pretty much every character, however minor. Anyway... I think this is the sort of movie that has a sliding scale of how funny different viewers will find it. I can totally understand why some people wouldn't like it at all, and others would like it more than I did. But I do occasionally like me some redonkulousness, and this movie definitely supplied that, as well as some genuinely chuckle-worthy jokes. And as usual, there were various categories I could have chosen to put my review under. I was definitely tempted to go with "weird," but I also could have gone with "comedy" or "crime" or "quirky." However, I ultimately chose to call it a B-movie, because damn. (I also might have gone with "web films", but I chose not to because I think it was released on DVD at the same time as VOD. It's obviously not a theatrical movie.)

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