tek's rating: ½

Mars Attacks! (PG-13)
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Based on an old series of Topps trading cards. CGI Martians invade. The military wants to fight them, the President keeps wanting to make peace. There are a bunch of different characters in different places all with their own things going on, and different reactions to the Martians. There's a bunch of good stars. Jack Nicholson has two roles, the President and some Las Vegas tycoon or something. My favorite characters are the President's daughter, Taffy (played by Natalie Portman); and this kid named Richie, whose family doesn't appreciate him. Except for his grandmother, though she isn't all there... but Richie and grandma will play a big part in defeating the Martians. Anyway, there's all sorts of weird stuff going on. I don't know what all to say about it, but it's funny and stuff.

I put my review under "B-movies" because it's sort of an homage to B-movies, though this was actually a major motion picture with a big budget.

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