Happy St. Valentine's Day

Okay, not gonna do a whole page about this, at least not as much as some of my other holiday pages. (Though you can find a couple of TV specials here.) I'm not a big fan of the holiday. You know, if you're in love, you don't need a special day to remind you of that, you should be able to remember it every day. And if you're alone (whether in unrequited love or not in any kind of love), well, some people hate the holiday, cuz it reminds them of their loneliness. Me, I see no need to be reminded of this. Flip side of the coin: chances are you'll remember every day that you're lonely. So what's the point of the holiday, one way or the other? Still, gotta give props to St. V himself. Painful as love (or the lack thereof) may be, the world's a better place for it, and even if I ain't really into the idea of marriage, I definitely don't think it should be outlawed (for anyone). The man risked (and lost) his life defying an injust law, so his memory is worthy of being honored. And, I suppose, so is love, in and of itself. Just, all you lovebirds out there... try not to get too mushy, and ease up on the PDAs... or, as they say... get a room.

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Btw, if anybuddy knows where I can find a heart bar made of conversation hearts, please let me know. Otherwise maybe I'll try to make my own, one of these days....