My Christmas Ornaments

So, here is the page where I shall list all the ornaments I own. I'd like to take pictures of each of them, but at present I have no way to do that. Maybe someday I shall. Some of them I may find pictures of online, however. Otherwise, I'll just list them, for now.

By far, most of the ornaments I own are from Hallmark (and most of them have been gifts). And as many as I have, there have always been lots I wanted to get, but didn't manage to. My collection started in 1992, because in 1991 there was an Enterprise ornament... which I don't think I even heard of until 1992, when it became big news (in certain circles) that that particular ornament had dramatically increased in value, very quickly. I never managed to get one of those for myself (but I might someday), but it made me think I should start collecting Hallmark's Star Trek ornaments. Alas, none of them have ever become anywhere near as valuable as the 1991 Enterprise. But they're still pretty cool. (Fun story: in February 1996, there was an episode of "Voyager" called Death Wish, and at one point in the episode we see Voyager itself as an ornament on a Christmas tree. I thought excitedly, "I wonder if that'll be this year's Hallmark ornament?" And it was.) Anyway, here are the ones I have:

Star Trek:
1992: Shuttlecraft Galileo
1994: Klingon Bird-of-Prey
1995: Romulan Warbird and mini ships (set)
1996: Voyager, Will Riker, and Mr. Spock
1997: Defiant
1998: Enterprise-E
1999: Rio Grande

Star Wars:
1996: Millennium Falcon and mini vehicles (set)
1997: mini C-3PO & R2-D2 (set)
1998: Princess Leia and mini Ewoks (set)
1999: mini Max Rebo Band (set)
2021: BB-8 (I'm not sure if this actually was first released in 2021, but that's when I got it.)

Other stuff:
1994: Neil Armstrong
1998: Apollo Lunar Module
2021: TARDIS (plays "Doctor Who" theme music)
2021: Tinker Bell

And now, the non-Hallmark stuff:

Plush Coca-Cola polar bear, whose tag says 1993
Glittery ceramic polar bear ornament from 2013.

Brass ornaments
I have a little brass sleigh ornament, no idea what year that's from or where I got it, but I suppose it must have been a gift.

Chocolate chip cookie
This is probably the first ornament I ever bought myself. I got it at a craft fair in either the late 80s or early 90s, I think. It's a knit yarn thing, which I think cost me 25 cents.

Christmas pickle
I received one of these as a gift, probably sometime in the 2010s. It seemed really weird and random to me, because I'd never heard of such a thing. But when I started this page in January 2015, I found a Wikipedia page that says it's been a tradition since the late 19th century. Funny I never heard of it, but whatevs.

Energizer Bunny
I have a set of these things, from 1992. They're made of clear plastic, and while there are four different designs in the set, you have to look pretty close to tell them apart. I don't even remember whether I got them myself, or they were gifts, or what. But they came for free with purchase of batteries.

Lost in Space Robot B-9
I took a pic from Amazon, even though the ornament itself is currently unavailable on that site. I guess this was released in 1997, and the box mentions Spencer Gifts, but I really don't remember when or where or how I got this, if I bought it or if it was a gift, and if the latter, who might have given it to me. But anyway, it's kinda neat.

Tinker Bell
I have a Tinker Bell bauble which I think I bought in 2013, but it could have been anytime in the 2010s. I have occasionally seen other Tinker Bell ornaments in stores or catalogs, and considered buying them, but I usually have very limited funds, so I decline, regretfully. But someday I'll probably buy more Tink ornaments.

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