Christmas season 2023

July 19
I watched an episode of "Ricky & Morty" season 4 that was set around Christmas. I didn't know it would be when I started watching it. But I added it to my Christmas episodes page.

August 29
I watched this week's Xmas episode of "Futurama" and added it to my Christmas webisodes page. It was pretty good.

November 17
I watched the Disney+ movie Dashing Through the Snow. I liked it.

Nov. 25
Well, it's two days after Thanksgiving. It wasn't a very good Thanksgiving, for reasons. But Beth put up her fake Christmas tree the other day (I forget which day exactly). And right now I am enjoying my first cup of "Sip and Be Merry" tea that I got recently from Republic of Tea. (I mean, it's not my first cup ever, just the first one from this particular tin of tea.)

Nov. 26
I watched Home Alone.

December 3
It's the first Sunday of Advent, so as per my tradition I posted a Christmas song in The Music Exchange: "Pure Imagination / Christmas Time Is Here" by Pentatonix. Also I put together a playlist of some of this year's holiday commercials. I may not watch TV anymore, but there's always plenty of ads to watch online.

tek's Winter Holidays page