Christmas season 2022

March 19
I watched an episode of the web series Dollface from 2019, which appeared to be set around Christmastime. The main characters were all dressed like Santa Claus (except Izzy, who was dressed like Hanukkah Harry) and planning to attend something called SantaCon. Also they got a ride from a guy dressed like a reindeer.

July 25
For Christmas in July, I watched the 2002 TV movie Mr. St. Nick. While working on my review, I drank some Comfort & Joy tea leftover from last Christmas. (I actually still have most of it left, because I hardly ever drink tea.)

August 8
I've recently begun watching the YouTube channel "Alter", which started in 2018. Tonight I watched a couple of Christmas-themed horror short films from December 2018, including The Grot in the Grotto (which I didn't like enough to write a review), and Midnight Clear, which I thought was kind of amazing.

August 23
I've made it up to Christmas 2019 on Alter. Today I watched Foxwood, which is set at Christmastime, and Frost Bite, which appears to be set around Christmastime (though I feel less sure about that than with Foxwood, it might be that circumstances have prevented anyone taking down Christmas decorations after the holiday passed by). But the holiday isn't important to either of those short films. I also watched Holiday Fear, which I didn't like enough to write a review. In that one, two people have just put a stop to a series of murders by someone dressed as Santa Claus, but they still have to finish him off. Well, one of them has to do it.

November 17
The new series "The Santa Clauses" premiered yesterday on Disney+. I haven't watched it yet, but tonight I watched the original 1994 movie, The Santa Clause, also on Disney+.

Nov. 18
I watched The Santa Clause 2.

Nov. 19
We watched the first two episodes of "The Santa Clauses", and we did it at home. I thought our internet would be too slow and we'd have to do it at the farm. Anyway, now we wait for the third episode to be released.

Nov. 26-27
I added ads to my Christmas commercials list.

Nov. 28
Last night was the first Sunday of Advent, and I watched at least part of a bunch of new holiday songs on YouTube to find some I might want to add to my Christmas music playlist and/or The Music Exchange. Today I added one song that was a couple years old ("Carol of the Bells" by Journey Montana) to the former and one newer song ("Jingle Bell Rock" by Lindsay Lohan) to the latter. There are several more on my "watch later" list to be added to lists over the comings weeks.

December 8
Did a Christmas poll that I saw a link to on Facebook.

Dec. 9
I watched The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. It's from 2020, but I hadn't seen it before. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Of course it's not a Christmas special, it's about "Life Day", but there were still elements that felt vaguely Christmas-y. Later I watched an episode of "Teens React" called Do Teens Know Iconic Christmas Movies?

Dec. 10
I watched an episode of "People vs. Food" called Try Not to Eat: Holiday Movies!

Dec. 11
Last week I didn't mention the song I added to The Music Exchange, but it's not important. I didn't add it to my Christmas playlist. But this week's addition to TME, "Kid on Christmas" by Pentatonix featuring Meghan Trainor, I did add to my Christmas playlist.

Dec. 13
Santa Lucia Day, I found some old (2016) ginger thins in a cabinet and ate some of them (they hadn't been opened). They still seem fine.

Dec. 15
I watched The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. It was better than I expected it to be, but still not very good.

Dec. 18
I added a song to The Music Exchange that was only kind of Christmas-y. I also added "The Christmas Song" by Claire & Dave Crosby with Mat & Savanna Shaw and "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" by Broken Peach to my Christmas playlist. Later I listened to and reviewed my 2015 Christmas CD-R.

Dec. 21
I watched The Simpsons Meet the Bocellis in "Feliz Navidad" on Disney+. It was okay. And I watched The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, also on Disney+. It was pretty good. I added a song from the special to my Christmas playlist. And I watched the 2001 TV movie Twas the Night, on Disney+. It was pretty bad.

Dec. 22
I added a couple more songs to my Christmas playlist, "Christmas Karaoke" by American Authors and "Together This Christmas" by Maisie Peters.

Dec. 24
I listened to and reviewed my 2018 Christmas CD-R. And I got a Christmas card with cash from Eileen. And I watched a short film called The Bloody Olive, which is set at Christmas. Later I drank peppermint bark RumChata while watching Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

Dec. 25
Just after midnight, I added "Groovy Xmas" by the Linda Lindas to both The Music Exchange and my Christmas playlist. Next afternoon: we had ham, green rice, and sarma. Later we opened presents. One of my presents was a mixpack of Samuel Adams "Beers for Cheers", which I started drinking tonight. And I watched The Grinch (2018). That was fun.

Dec. 27
UPS delivered gifts from the Treus. Also I listened to and reviewed the album Christmas Party by She & Him.

Dec. 28
I listened to and reviewed the album Maybe This Christmas. And I watched short films called The Naughty List and Greg, which I didn't like enough to review. But they were kind of interesting. And I watched a longer short film called Christmas Neeve which seems like a parody of a romcom. I think I liked it well enough that I might want to write a review, but not right now. And The Last Christmas, a horror comedy short film that I probably won't review, but it was fun. (Actually, it was on a channel called Screamfest that I may start watching from the beginning eventually, in which case I probably will review the film someday.)

Dec. 30
Got a present (a calendar) and a card with a check from Alan & Brenda.

Dec. 31
New Year's Eve! I'm drinkin' some wine, and I watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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