Christmas season 2021

July 29
Watched a Christmas episode of American Horror Stories, because this is when it was released.

September 3
I watched the Christmas episode of "Girl Meets World" from 2014, just because that's the episode I was up to in my viewing of the series on Disney+ (since I never got to see the show on Disney Channel). And I added it to my Christmas episodes page.

September 27
Watched a Christmas episode of "Gabby Duran and the Unsittables" on Disney+, but I haven't added it to my Christmas episodes page, because I haven't started a review for that show, because from episode to episode I never know how much longer I'll keep watching it, because it's only sort of okay-ish. But this was a decent episode, anyway.

November 21
Watched the 2017 TV movie Psych: The Movie on Peacock. It's not really a holiday movie, but it's set around Christmas. Oh yeah, and the other day I did add Gabby Duran's Christmas episode to my episodes page.

November 22
I put four ads on my Christmas ads 2020-2021 YouTube playlist. And replaced a few ads that had gone missing from my 2019 and 2020 playlists, while giving up on replacing a few others. Oh well.

Nov. 28
I put a couple of old Christmas songs on my YouTube playlist, and a couple of newer songs. I have some more songs in my "watch later" list, which I'll probably add to the playlist sometime next month. I don't want to do it all at once. Besides which some of them don't have actual videos, and I'd like to see if the artists come out with official videos sometime before Christmas actually gets here. Also today I ordered a few ornaments from

Nov. 30
My Hallmark ornaments arrived, and I added them to my ornaments page. Also tonight I watched Brazil, which I wanted to mention because it's set around Christmastime, a fact I had no idea of before I watched it. But the holiday seems fairly irrelevant to the plot.

December 1
I watched Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas. That was... extraordinary.

Dec. 2
I watched Annie Live!, this year's nearly-annual NBC tradition of usually live musicals in December. And hey, unlike most years' musicals, this one was actually set around Christmastime.

Dec. 3
Yesterday my sister bought a fake Christmas tree pre-decorated with lights that change colors. Today she put it up. Not sure when we'll get to adding ornaments. Also today I watched the Christmas episode of "The Wonder Years" from a couple of nights ago. And I was looking at Disney+'s holiday section, and discovered there are a lot of Christmas episodes of the Simpsons that I've either never seen or forgotten. (Before this I only had three listed on my Christmas episodes page.) So I watched one from 1995 (season 7), and added it to the page. Hopefully I'll watch some more episodes this month.

Dec. 4
I listened to and reviewed a Christmas album by Aliqua.

Dec. 5
It's Krampusnacht, and my first activity for the occasion was posting a song called Krampus in The Music Exchange. Second activity: reading Krampus! comic books (in a collected TPB). Then, in a break from Krampus celebrations, I watched the 2010 (season 22) Christmas episode of the Simpsons, because I saw in my Facebook memories for today that that year I had said it was, like the best Christmas episode ever. I enjoyed it when I re-watched it, but nothing about it was really familiar, and I didn't think it was the best thing ever. It was pretty good, though, especially the last segment when the Simpsons were puppets and Katy Perry stopped by. Then back to Krampusnacht for my annual holiday horror movie. This year it was Anna and the Apocalypse.

Dec. 6
I listened to and reviewed an album by Amy Grant.

Dec. 7
I watched the 1997 (season 9) Christmas episode of "The Simpsons", in which Bart accidentally burned the Christmas tree and all the presents. And I listened to al album by Andy Williams.

Dec. 8
I listened to Chant Noel.

Dec. 9
A string of fake popcorn and cranberry garland that I ordered from Factory Direct Craft arrived in the mail today. It was... the length advertised, but somehow shorter than I expected. It wouldn't even go completely around the tree once. Maybe it would have done so at the top of the tree, but I wanted it at the bottom. At least it looks nice in front, and you can't see the back anyway. Also today I listened to an album by Blackmore's Night. And I watched The Simpsons' 1999 (season 11) Christmas episode, "Grift of the Magi", which bears no resemblance to the story "Gift of the Magi". Unlike some of the Simpsons Christmas episodes I've been watching on Disney+ this month, I'm pretty sure I had seen this one before.

Dec. 10
Listened to an album by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Dec. 11
Listened to an album by The Chieftains.

Dec. 12
Listened to an album by Gloria Estefan, and one by Harry Connick Jr.

Dec. 13
The "Comfort and Joy" tea I ordered from Republic of Tea arrived the other day, and I'm drinking my first cup of it today, for Santa Lucia Day. It's not what I was expecting when I ordered it, though I'm sure I've had it before. The one I should have ordered is "Sip and Be Merry". Oh well, this is good, too. And I'm re-listening to an EP by Jackie Evancho, which I had written a review of in the past, but at the time I didn't give it a rating. So I need to do that now. Later I listened to an album by Jane Lynch (and company). Then I watched the 2003 (season 15) Christmas episode of The Simpsons. Later I watched The Man Who Invented Christmas.

Dec. 14
Listened to an album by Jewel. And one by Kristin Chenoweth.

Dec. 15
Listened to an EP by Leftover Cuties. And I watched the 2005 (season 17) Simpsons Christmas episode, which consisted of three separate stories. I didn't particularly care for it. Then I listened to an album by The Manhattan Transfer. Later I watched a "Full Frontal" clip in which Samantha Bee reads a story to a group of children, about elves trying to form a union, but Santa busting it.

Dec. 16
I listened to an album by Mediaeval Baebes. And one by The Muppets, and the compilation album You Sleigh Me!. Later I watched the 2019 Christmas episode of Into the Dark, though its connection to Christmas was pretty tenuous.

Dec. 17
I listened to albums by Peach Hips and She & Him.

Dec. 18
Listened to an album by Sixpence None the Richer. And I watched The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which isn't really about Christmas, but it takes place about a week before Christmas, and some plans are made for a Christmas party.

Dec. 19
Listened to an album by Squirrel Nut Zippers, and one by Tony Bennett, and the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Dec. 20
I listened to The Edge of Christmas. Then the first two Christmas albums from Glee. And I watched Little Women. It's not a Christmas movie, but there are at least a couple of Christmases in it.

Dec. 21
Listened to Rockin' Little Christmas. And I watched The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Dec. 22
It's Wednesday, and I just watched Sunday's Christmas episode of "Bob's Burgers". And I listened to Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus. And I watched Christmas ...Again?! and Blackadder's Christmas Carol.

Dec. 23
I listened to A Very Special Christmas And I watched the 2019 TV special How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming. I watched the Simpsons' Christmas episode from 2006 (season 18), but decided not to put it on my Christmas episodes page. There are still like 7 more episodes to watch, but I don't know if I'll bother with any more of them this year. I'm kind of Simpsonsed out. Then I watched the season finale of Hawkeye. The whole season was set throughout the week leading up to Christmas, and the finale was mostly set on Christmas Eve, ending on Christmas day.

Dec. 24
I listened to the Home Alone soundtrack. And I listened to part of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas soundtrack. I wanted to get a Sam Adams winter mixpack to drink tonight and tomorrow night (and maybe New Year's Eve), but I couldn't find it in stores, so I settled for a mixpack of "Gameday Beers". It's really not the same, but at least it beats drinking my usual Natty Ice. And I watched Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

Dec. 25
I challenged and beat the Elite 4 and Alder in Pokemon Black. My party included a Sawsbuck named Clarice, a Cryogonal named Jack Frost, a Bisharp named Nutcracker, a Druddigon named Krampus, a Chandelure named Lucia, and a Swanna named Seven. Later my family and I opened presents together. I got plenty of good stuff, including this Harley Quinn sweater that I had ordered for myself (and then Mom paid me for). Later still, I listened to Maybe This Christmas Tree. Also listened to Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah. Then I tried to light a Christmas pud that Alan had brought over for us yesterday, but it wouldn't catch fire. So I just ate some of it. Then I watched One Magic Christmas, which was thoroughly disappointing. Later I remembered that I had forgotten to play my Disney Magical Fireplace DVD. So I tried that with music, but quit before long because it was annoying and then just put on sound effects instead. Then that got kind of boring. But I decided to leave it playing on the TV for awhile while watching something else on the computer. Then realized there was nothing online that I was in the mood to watch.

Dec. 26
My sister and I built a gingerbread hose from a kit. It doesn't look much like the picture on the box. We're not skilled builders. Later I listened to an album from Starbucks called Santa Baby.

Dec. 28
Okay, I took yesterday off from listening to Christmas albums, but today I listened to another Starbucks album called Winter Wonderland. Then I listened to A Very Ally Christmas.

Dec. 30
Listened to A Very Special Christmas 2. After midnight I watched a React video from a couple weeks ago which somehow I had missed: Guess the Christmas Movie in One Second.

Dec. 31
Listened to A Very Special Christmas 3. Later I watched the New Year's Eve episode of Into the Dark, "Midnight Kiss".

January 1
Listened to World Christmas.

March 17
I finally got around to listening to Song for a Winter's Night.

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