Christmas season 2020

July 25
Listened to the 1964 song I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek for the first time ever, and added it to my Christmas songs playlist. Later I watched the 2012 TV movie A Fairly Odd Christmas on Hulu.

December 3
I watched last night's Christmas episode of "Black-ish." Later, Beth brought home a tree and we stood it up. And then Beth decorated it.

December 5
For Krampusnacht, I watched A Christmas Horror Story.

December 9
I watched The Grinch Musical! on NBC.

December 13
Watched this year's Christmas episode of "Bob's Burgers".

December 14
The series finale of Agents of SHIELD aired just over four months ago, on August 12, but it's taken me until now to watch it, because of all my anxiety and whatnot. It seems kind of fitting, though, to have watched it in December, since Christmas was mentioned in the final scene.

December 21
Last year I watched a little over 2/3 of the new miniseries A Christmas Carol, and never got around to finishing it. But I watched the whole thing tonight. I thought I might watch the three episodes over three nights, but I decided since you never know when my internet will be fast enough to watch things on Hulu, I might as well do the whole thing while it was working.

December 22
I put together this year's playlist of Christmas commercials.

December 23
I added some videos to my Christmas songs playlist, starting with an older song, "Christmas in Killarney", but all the rest were from this year.

December 24
Mom and Beth and Uncle Wayne and I had Christmas Eve dinner together. Much smaller gathering than most years, for obvious reasons, but there was plenty of good food. Also we opened some presents our Ohio relatives had left before they flew back home. I got an Amazon gift card, an Ingrid Michaelson Christmas CD, and the book "The Rise of Kyoshi". Later I watched Happiest Season on Hulu.

December 25
Andrew stopped by and gave me an Ewok Adventures DVD, which is something I've been wanting for a long time. I hope he found a good price on it. Also, I got some cash from Dad. And some coffee and candy from Mom. Also I tried the egg nog ice cream my sister bought the other day. And I drank the free sample of "Red Hot Holiday" tea from Republic of Tea. (Spicy cinnamon flavor.) And I spent several hours moving my list of holiday albums from the old page to the new one, which I originally started probably a few years ago and never got around to finishing. Of course it's mostly a bunch of albums I haven't reviewed either because it's too long since I listened to them or because I haven't listened to them yet. Every year I think I'll listen to some Christmas albums and write reviews, and I never do. But this year I want to listen to one album, the one I received yesterday. Not sure when I'll get to that, though. I would have done it today, perhaps, if this project hadn't taken so long. Anyway... then I watched CP Time: Black Christmas on YouTube. And I was hoping to watch a Christmas movie online, but my internet wasn't fast enough.

December 31
I listened to my Ingrid Michaelson CD.

January 1
I watched Noelle on Disney+ and Doctor Who: Resolution on BBC America.

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