...But I also wish you, in alphabetical order, a happy Advent, Boxing Day, Chrismukkah, Day of the Ninja, Festivus, Free Shipping Day, Hanukkah, Hearth's Warming, Hogswatch, Human Rights Day, Krampusnacht, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, Omisoka, Pancha Ganapati, St. Lucy's Day, St. Nicholas Day, St. Stephen's Day, Twelfth Night, Winter Solstice, Yule, and any other winter holidays I may have overlooked.

So... I have been maintaining pages for various holidays for quite a few years. The main one, and the one I've been doing the longest, is for Halloween (my favorite holiday), but over the years I've added several others. For some reason I've always avoided making a Christmas page, even though I do love Christmas. I guess I just don't obsess over it the way some people do, and besides which I think it gets more than enough press without my help. But it's probably my fourth favorite holiday, and that ain't bad. (Hell, I have a stub of a page for Valentine's Day, which I like considerably less than Christmas, and even a page for my birthday.) So, finally, in 2014, I decided to start a page for Christmas. But I also wanted it to be, at least vaguely, for other winter holidays. For the most part I'm not actually going to say anything about those holidays, and the links at the top of the page will have to suffice. But I at least wanted to mention them. And a few of them, I might say a bit more about...

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