St. Patrick's Day 2024

March 5
I made Irish soda bread, and used soy milk & lemon juice in place of buttermilk, so that I could share it with my vegan cousins Matty & Jamie. I think it turned out good. I may make more again on the holiday itself (by which time they'll have moved across the country). Probably just use buttermilk then, if I do make it.

March 16
Dad bought a shamrock shake for me. In other news, I decided I won't be making more soda bread tomorrow.

March 17
I cooked corned beef & cabbage (with potatoes, carrots, and onions). And I reviewed the Secret of Kells soundtrack. Later I re-watched The Luck of the Irish and wrote a proper review (at least a better one than I did originally, many years ago). Then I watched Wolfwalkers, while drinking some Guinness.

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