St. Patrick's Day 2017

February 20

Today in the grocery store I saw a box of Little Debbie mint creme rolls, which I don't think I've ever seen before. I'm sure the box I bought will be gone well before St. Patrick's Day, so I better mention it now. (They're yummy.)

March 17

Welp, I went in town today, tried the new chocolate Shamrock Shake. It was decent, though I didn't notice much difference from regular Shamrock Shakes. Also I picked up Sam Adams "Brewnited" mixpack to have tonight. It includes Irish Red, so I reckon that's St. Patricky enough, though I probably would have chosen to get this pack for tonight even without that variety, because I've been wanting to try this mixpack for several weeks, anyway. Later, I made a new page for St. Patrick's Day episodes. And I watched a video my cousin Luke posted on facebook of his sister Britta's leprechaun hunt. And I scanned a page from this week's Entertainment Weekly, which has song suggestions, a cupcake recipe, and a few St. Patrick TV episodes. And now it's time to start watching a movie and drinking some beer. It's a movie I've been meaning to watch for probably the last few St. Patrick's Days, and this year I finally had the foresight to get it well in advance of the holiday. And that movie was Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

March 19

We had our annual closest-Sunday-to-St. Patrick's Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage.

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