St. Patrick's Day 2014

February 28

A couple weeks or so ago, I saw on facebook that a friend had gotten a Shamrock Shake. I thought to myself, it's way too early for that, I wouldn't have one sooner than March, and preferably not until the actual week of St. Patrick's Day, maybe even not til the day itself. But today I had one. Meh, it's just a day til March, so whatevs.

March 13

Today's episode of The Crazy Ones was about St. Patrick's Day. Simon hates the holiday. All of Andrew's sisters came to visit, and they're big into the holiday. Andrew was designing a St. Patrick's Day parade float.

March 16

Well, it's Sunday, and as usual on the closest Sunday to St. Pat's, mom made a boiled dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I could barely taste it, probably because of my cold. (Mom's had a cold for about two weeks and I've had one for nearly one week. She said she'd lost her sense of taste for awhile, after the first few days, but until now my taste had been intact.) Anyway, coincidentally, a friend of mine posted a a link on facebook to an article called Why Irish Americans eat corned beef and cabbage not bacon for St. Patrick’s Day.

March 17

So, the day itself is here. What can I say? I had leftover boiled dinner for lunch. I'm wearing green. I still have a cold, though it seems to be getting better. And outside, it is the most wintery St. Patrick's Day I can remember. The weather's nice enough, but it's colder than it should be at this time of year, and there's way more snow than there should be. In fact this is probably the most snow we've had on the ground this entire winter. Spring is literally nowhere in sight, which is depressing. But I suppose it'll come before too much longer. Maybe. Other than that, there's nothing else to say, really. I'll probably have a bit of Guinness tonight. But mostly today is just another day. Watched an episode of "How I Met Your Mother," which was not St Patricky. Watched a couple eps of "Neigma!" on DVD, to pass the time until "Castle" came on. This ep of Castle was about ninjas and yakuza, and what could possibly be more St Patricky than that? Anyway, had some Guinness, which I barely tasted because of my cold.

March 18

My parents went in town today, and dad got me some St Patricky things. A pail, a plastic beer mug, a set of two shot glasses. (I wish I had a camera so I could take pics of them to post here. Maybe in the future I'll do that.) Don't know when I'll ever use these things, but I'm happy to have them.

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