St. Patrick's Day 2013

March 16

So, it's Saturday night, the day before St. Patrick's Day. I feel like there must to be stuff to mention from before... like a week or two ago I had a shamrock shake. Oh, and for this past Christmas my sister gave me a string of green lights, which I hung up today, and got out a few other decorations. Um... I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting stuff that may have been vaguely St. Patricky in recent weeks, but probably not. Whatever, tonight I watched The Secret of Kells, which I felt would be appropriate. It was pretty good. And now I reckon I should go to sleep. Tomorrow should be decent.

March 17

Well, some years it already seems like Spring by St. Patrick's Day, but this year it's still very much Winter. That damn groundhog lied to me. Meanwhile, as usual, Mom made corned beef and cabbage boiled dinner. And I made soda bread. So that was nice. Oh, and I'm wearing a green shirt, of course. (Man this is a boring journal.)

Okay, later on I had some Guinness while watching Leprechaun. That was... interesting. Thought about watching the sequel, which is on the same disc, but decided against it.

March 21

Oh yeah, and of course there was St. Patrick's-y stuff to do on FarmVille starting probably a month before the holiday. I didn't do all of it, but there was at least the Leprechaun's Cottage tree thing. And Pot of Gold crops, which I finished mastering today. So that should pretty much be the end of the holiday, for me.

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