St. Patrick's Day 2012

March 17 March 18

Some time ago I saw an ad on the interwebs that called Kelloggs Crunchy Nut cereal the "unofficial cereal of St. Patrick's Day," so I decided to get some. Opened the box this morning and had a bowl. Oh, the unofficial goodness. Also about a week ago I picked up some Guinness black lager. I don't remember ever trying the stuff before, but I'd seen it since late last year, and since I like regular Guinness, I've been wanting to try some. So I'll get to that tonight.

Today I went into town with Mom and Dad. I got a shamrock shake at Mickey D's (along with an Angus bacon & cheese). It was probably two weeks ago that I tried to get a shamrock shake, but they said their shake machine was being repaired. This didn't surprise me, because I often have difficulty obtaining a shamrock shake, for one reason or another. I wasn't even going to bring it up today, but Mom suggested it, so... I got one. So that's nice. Also did a bit of shopping, didn't really get anything St. Patsy, basically picked up a few used DVDs (none of which I'll be watching tonight), and a new curtain for my window, since I've gone through two venetian blinds already. Those things just like to quit working, and then break, and stuff. It's maddening. Curtain is better. Also we got some ingredients so I could make soda bread, which is in the oven right now.

I should mention it's a beautiful day out. Very springlike. Speaking of spring, the first day of it is next Tuesday, technically. I've been thinking of having sake that day, but alas, the store was out of it today, and I doubt I'll be in town again before Tuesday. I also doubt they'd have any sake by then anyway. Oh well. Um... but I did pick up some "Blackmaker" which I guess is root beer liqueur. I've never tried it, but it sounds interesting. And I needed something to try in the new "Meh." flask I ordered online recently. I'll probably do that tomorrow night. Not really Irish or anything, but whatevs. Just thought I'd mention it. I can't think of anything else to say right now, so I'll update later.

Later... had some coffee with Irish Cream creamer. Sadly, not real Irish Cream, though I could have gotten some today if I'd wanted it. Um, and I wanted to work on the next scene in my book, but I procrastinated, as usual. I did manage to force myself to start the scene, the boring bits that I needed to get out of the way before getting to the good part. (No, wait... there are no boring bits in my book, I should rephrase that...) Um but anyway, I'm glad to have at least done something. I often don't. (I thought, before I started, "Maybe I'll just not do anything, and get depressed over that. Because it's so like an Irish writer to suffer depression, right? So it would be appropriate for today." But no... I did a bit of work, so I'm okay.) Now it's time to watch a DVD, and start drinking my lager....

Later still... the Guinness black lager was good. Not Guinness good, but pretty decent. And... the movie I watched was Far and Away. Now is time for sleep.

March 18

So, it's Sunday, and as usual, my sister, grandmother, aunt and uncle all came over for Sunday dinner, which was a corned beef & cabbage boiled dinner. And there was my soda bread, and some St. Patrick's Day cookies Mom had bought, and Aunt Brenda brought blueberry crumble. So, a good meal. Of course, as usual, I don't spend much time with people... just eat and retreat to my room. Oh, and I started a new game of Pokemon LeafGreen. Get it? Green?

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