St. Patrick's Day 2008
St. Patrick's Day 2008

Okay, let's see. I've been meaning to start this year's entry for some time now, I just never got around to it til today, which is, appropriately enough, St. Patrick's Day. It's also Illusen Day, you know, my favorite faerie from Neopia. Speaking of which, earlier this year I started a gallery for Neopets faeries. It still needs some work so if I find time maybe I'll go there later today and, you know, do some more work on it. But then again, I have plenty of other things to fill my time today. I have to do laundry. I have stuff on the DVR to watch. Some of which is anime that I may need to make screencaps from, which is a major investment of time itself. And um... whatever.

Anyway, I just had a bowl of Lucky Charms. Yay. So what have I been meaning to say? Well, awhile ago my sister got us a clover patterned shower curtain and a clover nightlight for the bathroom. And I received a clover keychain with a light on it awhile back, as well. I believe my sister said mom sent it for me. Um, and last week I bought a Sam Adams mixpack which included 2 bottles of Irish Red, which I want to try. Been saving those for today, and also there's 1 bottle of Scotch Ale left. Alas, that's all that remains of the 12-pack. Anyway, that's for after work tonight.

Got up this morning, stubbed my toe on my bedroom door, and a little later took off my slipper and found a bit of blood on my toe. A fun start to the day! Opened my last can of cherry chocolate diet Dr. Pepper, but I'll finish that later. Now I'm having a cup of coffee, which alas, contains no Irish Cream. Oh, also tonight is the season finale of Kyle XY, and the first new ep of How I Met Your Mother, post-writers' strike. Looking forward to that. Oh, and Beth made corned beef and cabbage and whatnot, last night, so I can have some of that today, I guess.

And um, really, I can't think what else to say right now. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. No big plans for the day. Got the same sorts of stuff to do before work that I always do. Then I've got work. Then there's a bit of beer after work. Then bed. Yay.

Oh yeah also, the other day I got some "Mocha Mudslide" ice cream from walmart. It includes a number of ingredients I won't bore you with, but one of them is Irish Cream flavoring. It's pretty good. Tried some in my coffee, though... not a good idea.

Okay, now it is the day after St. Pat's so I can tell you about the rest of my yesterday. Hmmm. As my bus approached Ruby Tuesday, where I work, I suddenly thought of Shamrock Shakes. There's a McDonald's in the Walmart across from Ruby Tuesday, so instead of pulling the chain to stop by my work, I let it carry on to walmart, for to see if Mickey D's had the shakes. Which they did. So I got one. Yay. Then walked to work, where there were these foam leprechaun hats that some of the servers and cooks were wearing. That was neat. I was just wearing my clover keychain on a button hole on my work coat. Also, the restaurant was giving people like green glowy things, and whatnot. Plus I got a Guinness pin that flashes, I guess, but I haven't actually used it yet.

Speaking of Guinness, well of course as usual I started getting depressed at work. And thinking the three beers I had waiting at home might not be enough. So I started getting a hankering for Guinness, but didn't suppose I'd have enough money to get any after work. Nor an opportunity to stop anywhere, anyway. So I didn't get any. But three beers were plenty. The 2 bottles of Irish Red were okay. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of the Scotch Ale. It kind of tasted like hospital. *shrug* Anyway, Watched some stuff on the DVR after work while having my beers. How I Met Your Mother was a St. Patrick's Day episode, so that was apropos. Also watched ATHF and Frisky Dingo. Then channel surfed a bit. I think there were various shows doing Irish-themed episodes, I mean like old reruns... I saw a few minutes of Jackie Chan Adventures with a cursed emerald, and Jade was dressed as a leprechaun. She was so cute!

Well, then bed. And today in the mail I got a St. Pat's card and a check, from mom. So that shall be a help. Also got a magazine I've been waiting for, which is lucky. Luck is Irish, right? Whatever, I think that's all the news for this year....

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