St. Patrick's Day 2007

March 16 March 20

I've been meaning to start this entry for awhile now. Let's see... a few weeks ago my parents visited my sister and me for my sister's birthday. Aside from presents for her, they also brought some stuff for both of us for Valentine's Day, which was past, and St. Patrick's Day, which of course was upcoming. Among the stuff I got was some Carolans irish cream flavored coffee, which I tried yesterday. It was good. Of course I should have some more tomorrow. Also I got some green hot chocolate mix, made by McSteven's. Tried that tonight. It's green. And got some mix for Irish soda bread, made by Sticky Fingers Bakeries, which I suppose I'll make tomorrow. There was some other stuff, too. Dunno what to say.

Today I picked up a 6-pack of Smithwick's. I never can remember if I've tried that or not, but... I swear this time I'll remember. Maybe. Anyway, I had Guinness recently so I just thought I should try something different. Even if it's made by the brewers of Guinness. Or whatever. Um... anyway, I should drink some of that tomorrow. After work. Yes, I must head to my job, washing dishes at Ruby Tuesday, and of course it will be a late night, but I should still be able to drink beer once I get home. And watch some anime, or the latest ep of the new BBC America series "Robin Hood," or whatever. We'll see. Of course, there's supposed to be a storm tomorrow, so maybe work will even be closed, I dunno.

Sigh. Anyway. Sis won't be here, I guess. She's headed up north to see Dad, who is in the hospital, having just broken his hip when he fell off a ladder. I'd like to be there, but... also not like to. It's confusing, and for various reasons I decided to stay here. One of those reasons is work, so it'd be ironic if that gets cancelled anyway. But it was just one reason. Anyway, I'm sure... he should be okay, and I'll see him again sometime....

It's entirely possible that in the past few weeks or so, things have occurred to me that I'd like to say here, but I can't really think of anything of significance. There's an idea for a part of my Template story that I've had in my head since Christmas. It's about a holiday. It has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, but since I'm so late in writing it, I thought maybe I could try to do it for this holiday. But I probably won't get around to it. Ah well. Eventually. And I recently got Pokemon Emerald, been playing that and I could play some more tomorrow. Emerald, see? Ireland is the "Emerald Isle," so that's vaguely St. Patricky, right? Meh... I'm reachin'. Oh yeah, there's some stuff in this week's issue of The Maine Edge, like St. Patricky stuff going on around Bangor, Irish pubs and whatnot. But I suppose I most likely wouldn't end up doing anything anyway. And if there's a storm I'm even less likely. So whatever. Oh yes, also sis and I both got St. Pat's cards in the mail today from Mom. $10 check inside. That'll be nice to cash. Next time I go to the bank. Most likely Tuesday. Anyway, that's all the St. Pat's news I can think of for the moment, so I'll shut up fer now. I reckon I should try to update this journal either tomorrow or the day after, let y'all know what, if anything I did, that I haven't already mentioned....

March 20

Okay, I'm a few days late with this update. First of all let me say that maybe a few days before the holiday, I was at a cafe where I tried a drink called a "Shamrock Steamer." It was darned tasty. And after the holiday, I was at Micky D's and asked if they had a Shamrock Shake, but they didn't. So I got an egg nog shake instead. Egg nog. Anyway, on the holiday I baked the Irish soda bread Mom gave me, in a green bread pan she gave me. It was tasty. And familiar. I couldn't place the taste with certainty, but I'm thinking it tastes like the brown bread you get out of a can. Which is odd because this bread wasn't brown at all. Also I should say that I brought the green hot chocolate mix to work to share, and some people seemed to think it was cool. And after work I drink some of my Smithwicks beers, which were rather weak, flavorwise, and I don't think I'll get that stuff again. And watched some TV like Robin Hood and maybe other stuff on the DVR, I forget. Oh yes, I also used one of the electric candles Mom gave me, but I didn't look at it that much. And I reckon that's all I can think to say for this year....

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