St. Patrick's Day 2006

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Welp, 10 days till St. Pat's. Plenty of good stuff going on this month, and especially on that day. Aside from it being the holiday, it's also Illusen Day at Neopets. Plus it's the season premiere of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I'm greatly looking forward to. I recently bought some Asian snack mix thing I've been seeing at the supermarket for awhile now, and meaning to try. I plan to eat it while watching Avatar. Although I can't say for sure right now if I'll get to see it on the 17th or not, may have to tape it if Beth's watching something else at the time. I also have some Spring Cherry green tea I got awhile back from Republic of Tea. It's in a limited Memoirs of a Geisha tin. Still haven't seen that movie, I'm afraid. And I had to order the tin off the website, since I couldn't find it in stores. Been wanting to try this brand for quite awhile. Anyway, I think I got it in like January, but I haven't opened it yet. Waiting for Avatar. I also plan to get some other things for St. Pat's, if I can. More on such things later...

Other things I wanted to mention about that day are the premiere of Doctor Who (the 2005 series) on Sci-Fi Channel, the launch of Funimation Films playing anime movies in theaters (though I doubt they'll be in any theater near me), plus the movie V for Vendetta. Though I don't think I'll have any money to see that. And what's more, I'd like to read the original comic before seeing the movie, and I certainly can't afford that right now. Honestly, I've been looking for work since moving to Bangor last June, and here it is March, and I still haven't gotten anything. What kind of bullshit is that, y'know? But I'm telling myself March will be my lucky month, maybe I'll finally get something. Of course, my luck sucks, so maybe not. Anyway, even if I got a job today, it's not like I'd get paid by the 17th, so whatev.

Um... Also I wanted to say that the other day (maybe yesterday) I started using a new bar of Irish Spring. Hurrah! And recently Beth bought some of the new Berry Lucky Charms. They're good. I'd say they taste like a monster cereal. Well, I hope I'm not forgetting anything else I meant to say, but chances are if I am, I'll think of it later anyway....

March 8

Oh, something I meant to say yesterday is that the weather has been getting a bit nicer. Still kinda cold, but not as bad as it has been. Hopefully by the holiday it will be even nicer out. Anyway, yesterday when I got home, I switched from my winter coat to my spring jacket, moved all the stuff from my pockets, I mean... cuz I'm all about pockets....

March 14

It's Tuesday, but I wanted to mention some stuff that happened Saturday, since I didn't have a chance to get online before. Y'know, I'd been sort of planning on going to BK on St. Pat's to try an Angus bacon cheeseburger. But instead I got one Saturday. That's not St. Patricky or anything, but also got a shamrock shake at McDonald's. Aaaand... I feel like there may have been something else I wanted to mention, but now I can't think of anything else. Maybe there was nothing else. Or maybe there was. I dunno. Dammit.

March 17

Let's see, what else did I want to say? Well, I wanted to mention that for Christmas I got some orange flavored tea that came in a tin with a shamrock on it. Or at least it says Shamrock, actually the picture is of a clover, but it's a common mistake. Anyway, had a cup of that today. And the other day I bought some Irish red lemonade, a carbonated drink from Classic Mineral Water, which I've had my eye on for like a few months now I'd say. Not bad. And um... went out for awhile, looked in a few stores, didn't really do anything St. Patricky, but I did get the Avatar TCG. I hope I can find some booster packs. And, like, someone to play with. Which I doubt. Sigh. Came home, watched a tape of How William Shatner Changed the World. And a new ep of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. And then later... the Book Two premiere of Avatar. Accompanied by some Asian snack mix from Orchard Valley Harvest. Goood stuff. Also finally tried the Republic of Tea Spring Cherry Green Tea. Also exceptional. Oh yes, well worth the wait... and I'm glad there's 49 more cups to come. Oh, and I boiled a potato shortly before Avatar. And Beth brought some stuff from a party she was at, at work I guess. Like clover shaped cookies and a couple cupcakes and some veggies. Hurrah. Oh, and the other day, she gave me a rather large St. Patrick's Day stein. I think tonight I'll try drinking some Guinness from it. And I had berry Lucky Charms for breakfast this morning. Can't really think of anything else, hope I'm not forgetting anything. But in any event, it hasn't been a bad day, I guess.

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