Independence Day 2019

July 3
Well, some time ago I got a 12-pack of Mountain Dew's new limited edition "Liberty Brew" (in cans) to have on the Fourth, but not long after that, my sister bought me a 6-pack of the same stuff (in bottles) to try before the Fourth. And today I've been drinking the last of those. They're good, but by now I'm not sure whether I'll even feel the need to have one on the Fourth. I always intended to share the 12-pack at the fam's party at the lake, but now I just don't care whether or not I have one tomorrow.

In other news, yesterday I started a new page in my TV reviews for Fourth of July episodes, and I did more work on it today. I still want to look through all my TV reviews to see if I can find any more episodes for the page, but I won't have time to do all that today, or tomorrow. Which is fine, because for all I know there may not be any more Fourth of July episodes in shows I've watched. Either way, I'm happy with the work I've done on the page so far.

July 4
Today's Google Doodle is a bunch of snack foods playing baseball. It's a very simple game, but very cute and instantly addictive. Then I looked at a page that I saw a link for on facebook, Songs To Add To Your 4th Of July Playlist, That Reflect Today. Most of the few songs listed there were familiar to me, but I did learn about Janelle Monae's "Americans" for the first time, though it was released last year. That was pretty great.

We went to the lake around 2 and came back home around 6. We got to see family and eat lots of food. It's all good. Also today I made little pages for Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, and A Capitol Fourth, and Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular in my TV specials section. (No, wait, actually I did "A Capitol Fourth" yesterday.) Anyway, now it's getting late, so I should start watching a DVD soon. I've been planning for some time now to watch the anime movie Fireworks tonight. Also, I'll be drinking some beers from a mixpack of 21st Amendment. The main reason I chose this pack is because of one of the flavors, SparkAle, which I think is supposed to evoke the idea of sparklers. (Before I ever saw that in stores, I had seen a different brand that had a beer or cider called "Sparkler," but by the time I was ready to buy some, it was sold out.) Anyway, the other beers in this pack include a regular IPA, a blood orange IPA, and a watermelon ale.

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