Independence Day 2018

July 4
Well... two years into Trump's presidency, I'm feeling less patriotic than ever. But, the holiday must go on. So... I ordered a t-shirt from Syracuse Cultural Workers to wear today. But I ended up wearing it for the first time on June 25, so that my aunt and uncle who would be returning to Montana the next day would get to see it. So today will be my second time wearing it. It features the design shown at the top of this page. So, that helps with my patriotic spirit. That is the America I celebrate. (I've also added the image to the top of my main Independence Day page.)

Also... I want to say that awhile back, I started watching a DVD of a series of Peanuts specials, This Is America, Charlie Brown. I had planned to finish all eight episodes by today, but I slacked off and as of now, I've only watched three of them. Maybe sometime today I'll watch another one, but I guess it'll take me a bit longer to finish the series. Surely sometime this month, though. Also, Mom recently bought some blueberry cobbler flavored coffee from New England Coffee, and I brewed up a pot for the first time this morning. It's pretty decent. Oh, also the other day I bought a few mp3s. One of them was Katy Perry's "Firework," which I've previously considered buying probably several times over the last few Fourth of July's. So I'm glad I finally got around to it.

As for the rest of the day's plans, we're going to go to the lake and have lunch with relatives around 1:30 or so, I guess. I don't know how long my fam will be sticking around there afterwards, but later tonight I plan on watching "Team America: World Police" for the first time, because last year I saw that it was on EW's list of the most patriotic movies ever. So I should write up a review of that sometime tonight. ...Okay, so we came home a little before 5 o'clock. Later, I watched the fourth episode of "This is America, Charlie Brown," which was about the NASA Space Station (which at the time this episode aired was only in the planning stages, and never actually launched, as such). And then I watched Team America, just as planned.

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