Independence Day 2016

July 3
I uploaded my 1812 Avatar AMV to my site. I made it ten years ago, but it hasn't been online for most of the intervening years, until now.

July 4
Got up fairly late (around 11am). Did some stuff online, including uploading today's page from my Grumpy Cat calendar, and watching a short web video for Independence Day from Last Week Tonight. Went to the lake around 2pm, where we had lunch. I may have eaten a bit less than usual, since I was ill a few days earlier, and hadn't fully recovered my appetite. (Though I certainly ate more than I would for lunch on any non-holiday.) Then took a bit of a nap, because I hadn't fully regained my energy, either. Later, I started reading "The Prophet," which I could have finished, because it's very short. But again, I got tired and decided to rest. So I'll finish it another day. Anyway, the weather was quite nice for most of the day, but as evening came on, it got quite windy and rainy, so we didn't set off any fireworks. But after most of the guests had departed, my cousins and I watched Inside Out, which I hadn't seen before. That was fun. And I had a lemon shandy, which was nice. (I had wanted to go in town sometime prior to the Fourth to buy myself something better than the Natty Ice, which was all I had on hand at home. But I didn't get the chance, so it was nice that I got to have a decent drink that belonged to one of my cousins.) And um... then I came home and wrote my review of the movie, and this entry for the holiday.

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