Independence Day 2014

Not too much to report, this year. The last few nights have been ridiculously hot, so it's been hard to sleep. But also last night it rained quite a bit. And today's been mostly a bit gloomy out, sometimes dry enough some sometimes a bit moist. In the end it was decided it was too wet to do fireworks tonight, so maybe I'll try to watch some on TV. Or not, I dunno. Anyway... as usual, we went to the lake and there was plenty of food there and a bunch of relatives, though some of the out-of-state cousins I'm used to having there weren't, on account of they're grown-ups, now. But they'll come later in the month. Um... yesterday I finished reading "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH," though I haven't written my review yet. I liked it. Today I read the first chapter of "The Time Traveler's Wife," which is interesting (reminds me of the Doctor and River Song). Also, I availed myself of the internet at my aunt and uncle's camp, which is way faster than the internet at my house. So I managed to do FarmVille much more easily than usual, including the opening of a bunch of 4th of July-themed presents (animals and trees and decorations and stuff). And I watched most of an episode of "Salem," before I was informed that it was time to go home. So I'll try to finish that up here, and later watch a DVD. Haven't decided what DVD yet, but I'll be drinking some Long Trail, as I got a mixpack the other day. Anyway, not the most exciting Independence Day, but it's been alright.

I watched American Hustle, on account of its having "American" in the title. After that I caught like the last couple minutes of the second airing of A Capitol Fourth on PBS, so I saw some fireworks behind the closing credits. It didn't do anything for me.

July 21
Tonight my dad set off some fireworks at the lake. Yeah, it's a few weeks late, but it was better because most of my Ohio cousins were here. And Uncle Wayne and Aunt Kathleen launched some balloon lantern things. And there was a thing someone threw in the camp fire that made it turn green and stuff, which is neat. And all this came after we had gone out to eat. So... it was a good day.

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