Independence Day 2013

Let's see. Um... went to the lake around 1pm, had some food, saw some relatives. Then lay around listening to some music on my laptop. Then went for a bit of a swim, which should hold me for a couple years. We'll see. Anyway, it's nice weather today. And... I did a bit of reading (in "Purgatorio"). Oh, and the other day I bought some red white and blue leis at the dollar store. One for myself, and some others I gave to my sister and cousins, today. Also at the dollar store I got a pineapple-shaped plastic cup, which I'm using today. I expect that's all to report so far; I'll say more later.

Um... later watched some fireworks and listened to more music on my laptop. Later still, I went home and watched Independence Day, while drinking some Wild Blue blueberry lager, which was good. Also some stuff from a Mike's Hard mixpack. And I hope I'm not forgetting anything I wanted to axe you... I means tell you... but now it's time for sleep. All in all, a reasonably good, if somewhat pedestrian, Fourth. See you next year! (And by "see you," I mean "type more stuff you probably won't read.")

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