Independence Day 2008

Okay, I'm starting this on July 5. Haven't had alot of chance to get online recently. Um... on Wednesday, the 2nd, my sister and I drove from Bangor to New Sweden. I have a week off. Been looking forward to that for like a year and a half now. But while I don't have to be back to work til next Wednesday, she has to be back on Monday, so she's leaving Sunday. I was thinking I might still go back on Tuesday, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll just go with her on Sunday.

Anyway, on the same day we drove up, probably a little while before we started out, our grandfather died. So of course that cast something of a pall over the next few days. People had planning to do for a couple of events relating to that, on top of figuring out what to do about the fourth of July. But to a certain extent, there's been some normalcy. I'm trying now to remember what all has gone on for the last few days. If I would've been able to work on this on a daily basis, I'm sure I'd have given more details, not that most of it matters. I mean, the normal sort of stuff. But there's been some fun here and there.

Anyway, on friday, the fourth, there was a parade me and my sister and cousins watched in Stockholm. Oh, and before that a pancake breakfast. And later a barbecue for lunch. Then there was a viewing at the funeral home. My sister and I stopped in, but didn't stay long. Then we went back to the lake, where our cousin Luke was feeling sick. But he did manage to watch a few episodes from the end of Book 1 of Avatar, which he'd missed when I watched with my cousins a couple Christmas ago. Since then I've been looking forward to watching Book 2 with them, but now I'm not sure if we'll get to any of that or not. Anyway, later there was a boat parade that we took part in. Then some campfires, and fireworks (in spite of fears that it wouldn't happen, because of a game warden living at the lake or something this year). Of course all we had was sparklers, but it's fun to watch the stuff other camps on the lake set off. Oh, and I tried some Michelob Ultra tuscan orange grapefruit. Yay.

Well, now it's Saturday. This morning I took a swim in the lake, which is something I don't think I've done for several years. Coming up soon is the actual funeral. I have a rule against attending those, but I suppose I'll go anyway. After that... I dunno what'll happen, I guess I'll have to add to this later. Of course I'm leaving out plenty of stuff, probably....

Okay, it's Sunday evening now. Let me think. One thing I did yesterday was ride in this three-seat rubber "missile" thing that gets towed behind a motor boat. It was one of the most scariest things ever and I intend never to do it again. I'm just lucky that the worst thing that happened was my toes got skinned a bit. They still hurt. What else? Did manage to watch like eight episodes of Avatar Book 2. Maybe I'll get to watch the rest with my cousins at Christmas, if I get to go home for a few days. We'll see. No telling when we might get to Book 3. Which is ending soon, actually.

Today, watched a couple of Avatar SD shorts. Went to church. Had lunch at the lake. My sister and I drove Luke to the airport in Presque Isle on our way back to Bangor. Nice to be home, now. Nice to know I've still got a couple days off, but of course I'll have DVR to catch up on and other things I want to do. I'm sure there are plenty of dreadfully important things I'm forgetting to say. Ah well....

Oh, one other thing I meant to say was, for like a few weeks prior to the Fourth, I saw in Walmart these special design bottles of Mountain Dew that I wanted to pick up, but I was waiting, and then I forgot about it. Then one day I saw a couple of my cousins had them. Must've been on the Fourth itself, I suppose. Didn't get a chance to go to walmart again til after I got back to Bangor, and by then the bottles were apparently all gone, so I gave up. However, a few days later I spotted them! And I got two bottles with different designs. So they're good. Yay. Okay I think that's it.

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