Dave's Birthday 2023

September 19
Got a birthday card in the mail from Gail Torosian. And I picked up some Sam Adams Octoberfest to drink on my birthday (a couple days from now), but it'll take longer than one night to drink it, so I think I'll start on it tonight.

Sept. 20
Beth made me a chocolate cake.

Sept. 21
Well the big day is here, and this morning I got cards from Mom, Dad, and Beth, all with some money in them. Also some snacks. I had hoped to plant a garden this summer, which would have included carrots, but alas, that didn't happen. So I just ate a store-bought carrot. (Honestly, it's so weird that I have this tradition, but I like it.)

End of day report: What I mostly did today was play Pokemon Black. (I have a Halloween theme going, which I think I've done before some other year, but I've been having fun with it this week.) I also watched Star Trek: Nemesis, bringing my summer of Star Trek to a close. And of course, I've been drinking my Octoberfest.

Sept. 22
Beth and I went to the farm for dinner and a carrot cake with Matty and Jamie. They gave me a Blu-ray of "Across the Spider-Verse", which I've been wanting. We played a word game called "salad bowl". Then Beth went home but I stayed awhile and watched a couple of shows with Matty and Jamie. It was a good night. Later I ordered some DVDs from Bull Moose with some of my birthday money.

Sept. 23
A card and check arrived in the mail today from the Treus.

Sept. 27
A card and check arrived in the mail from Alan & Brenda.

Sept. 29
Got a card with some money from Kathy & Steve.

Nov. 5
Got a card with some money from Eileen.

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