Dave's Birthday 2022

September 17
Went in town today to do some shopping. Among my purchases were a mix pack of Paulaner beers to drink partly on my birthday, next week; and a few DVDs. I expect mom will pay me for those things later so they'll be gifts from her.

Sept. 19
I got a birthday card from Gail Torosian in the mail. Also got my new driver's license in the mail, not that I ever do any driving.

Sept. 21
Today's the actual day. I got a card and candy bar from Beth. I got cards & cash from Mom and Dad. And in the mail I got a card & check from the Treus. And Beth made a cake. I made a new category of movie reviews, disaster films, on my website. Later I grilled burgers for supper, and Beth cooked corn on the cob. It was gently misting out while I grilled, and I kept hoping it wouldn't rain. And it didn't. Meanwhile, I played some Pokemon LeafGreen. Then I started drinking from the Paulaner mixpack I bought the other day. First up tonight is "Salvator" double bock, which immediately started overflowing when I opened it. But it's good. I drank that while watching a short film on YouTube, Laboratory Conditions. Next up is Hefe-Weizen, which thankfully did not overflow, and I like that one even more than the first. Oh, and once again I failed to plant a garden this year. I did try planting some leftover parsnip seeds in lieu of carrots, but they didn't grow at all. (The ones I planted one year when I did have a garden never grew, either.) But I did eat a store bought carrot for my birthday. Then I had a Munchner Lager, which was also good. After that I switched over from Paulaner to plain old Natty Ice. And... I'd been planning on watching "Ghostbusters: Afterlife", but it got to be too late in the evening for me to start a movie, which disappointed me. But I did watch the making of bonus feature on the DVD. That was good, if a bit spoilery.

Sept. 24
I got a birthday card & cash from Eileen.

October 5
I got a card & cash from Steve & Kathy.

November 8
Got a card & check from Alan & Brenda.

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