Dave's Birthday 2016

September 19
Got my first birthday card in the mail today. Also, I got my driver's license renewed. Not a very birthdayish thing, really, but it expires on my birthday, so... it's kind of related.

September 21
So this is the day itself. And what did I do? Well, this morning my sister Beth gave me a birthday card. (Incidentally, one day recently we'd been in town, and I was looking at a deck of playing cards that I was thinking of buying, but decided not to, because we were in a hurry. But later that day she went and bought the cards for me as a birthday gift.) Later today we had to go in town because I had a doctor's appointment. Our aunt Kathleen went with us, so that after my appointment we could all go to a corn maze. Not for my birthday, just something the two of them wanted to do. It was fun, but we never managed to complete all the things were supposed to look for in the maze, because it took too long and we had to go. Beth and I went home for awhile, and later we went to the lake to have supper with our parents and Wayne, Kathleen, Nancy, and Grandma. (After that, we had leftover birthday cake from Grandma's birthday party last Saturday.) Anyway, while there, Wayne and Kathleen gave me a card with a bookmark and some Amazon gift cards in it. And Nancy gave me $41 in cash for my 41st birthday. (There will be an actual birthday party tomorrow night, but Wayne, Kathleen, and Nancy won't be there, because they have to go back to Montana and Ohio tomorrow.) And now Beth and I are home again, and I'm about to start watching TV. I hope I haven't forgotten anything important about the day.

September 22
So, this evening there was a birthday party for my cousin Janice and me. Mostly I got cards with money in them. Also I got a bag of pistachios, and a fall decoration kind of like a paperweight. (It has a couple of pumpkins carved on it and it says "count your blessings.") Also I got two PEZ sets, one with characters from The Hobbit movie, and one with characters from Harry Potter. (If I ever get around to making a page to display all my PEZ dispensers, I'll try to remember to put a link here.) And... before the party, I stopped at the store and got a 4-pack of Guinness and a 4-pack of Bud Chelada. I had them when I came home, and watched "The Good Place" and "Pitch" and then an episode of "MLP:FIM" that was on the DVR. Then... eh... tried to do internet, but it's been wicked slow all day. Finally managed to log into my website to post this update. Now time for sleep.

(I really didn't intend to drink all 8 beers in one night. But, shit happens.)

September 24
Today I spent some of my money on hard cider and a bunch of $2 used DVDs. Also today, I'm scanning some things, including my two favorite birthday cards I received this year. Also, last thing of the day: I watched Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. That came out a couple years ago, so it's probably the longest I've waited to see a movie in that franchise. I got the DVD a week or so ago, and decided to wait until my birthday to watch it. But I didn't manage to see it that night, so... I decided to watch it the first Saturday after my birthday. It still counts as a birthday thing!

September 25
Today Mom gave me something she said she forgot to give me on my birthday: two lollipops. One is caramel apple flavor, the other is "birthday cake with confetti" flavor.

September 29
Went to Walmart, where I got some new shoes that Mom paid for as a late birthday present. Also sleep bottoms. And I bought some things myself, with some birthday money. Mostly DVDs.

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