Dave's Birthday 2012

September 21
Let's see. I had a cup of tea instead of coffee, this morning. Some free packet Republic of Tea had sent me with the last catalog they sent. And um... did some internet, as usual. Disney Movie Rewards sent me 100 free points for my birthday. It's not much, but still it's nice. And... later went in town. Got a haircut. Went to lunch at Far East Kitchen, which must have opened sometime in the last few years, but this is the first time I've been. I had a bento box with like tempura and potstickers and sushi rolls and rice and stuff. It was pretty good. And... looked around in some stores. Got some beer to try later. (Sadly, I'm not doing beer reviews on my site anymore, but when I try it I should mention here what I thought of it.) Picked up a couple of used DVDs- Chronicle and Fright Night- but I dunno when I'll watch either of them. I should try to watch something tonight while drinking my beer, but I doubt it'll be Chronicle, and I know it won't be Fright Night. And um... there's a party later for me and my cousin Janice, whose birthday is also today. My social anxiety has been getting worse lately, so I was thinking of getting some liquor to have during the party, but that was just a silly idea. I'll be fine without it, so I didn't get any. But I really hope the party doesn't last long.

Update: So, not too long after I started this entry, I started feeling super exhausted and kind of sick. So instead of doing any of the stuff I wanted to do before the party, I just lay in bed feeling terrible. But by the time it was time to leave, I was feeling mostly better. I still wasn't sure if I'd want to eat any cake or anything, but I did. And I got some cards with moneys. And I didn't feel much of any anxiety at all, maybe because I was too tired to feel anything, maybe because there weren't as many people there as we might usually expect with my big ol' family. And when I came home I tried one of my beers- the brand is Roscoe's Hop House, something I've been meaning to try for awhile. The variety I tried tonight was Amber Ale. It was decent. And I watched this week's installment of the Flog, which came out on Monday of course, and today is Friday. I do tend to slack off sometimes on watching my online shows. Anyway... I'm not feeling terrible now, but I'm too tired to watch anything else tonight, and I don't really feel up to a second beer, anyway. Just gonna try to sleep now. But I'm sure there will be more stuff to write in this year's birthday journal, over the course of the next week or whatever.

September 23
Got three more cards, with mo' money. Hopefully someday soon I can get to the bank.

September 25
Present from my Ohio relatives arrived today: a DVD of The Avengers. Looking forward to watching that, since I didn't get to see it in the theater.

September 29
Got a Walmart gift card in the mail today. Just went to Walmart yesterday, probably won't be back there for at least a month, I would guess. But I suppose I could use the card to order something online. We'll see.

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