Dave's Birthday 2011

September 21
Got up this morning. Checked the DVR for "Subterranean," but it wasn't there. Checked the schedule for the next week, and discovered "120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield" listed next Wednesday morning at 3am. Looked online and found that the show apparently was revived July 30. It had been cancelled like eight years ago, you know, replaced by Subterranean. It's weird that I hadn't heard about it returning and never saw it listed anywhere (unless I just forgot, which is possible given my memory). But I'm considering its return a birthday present, even if I don't get to see it until a week after my birthday. Oh, this kind of reminds me of a plot point from my book... which I won't spoil exactly, but there is something about a character's past that he thought was dead and buried nine years before the book starts, but eventually discovers it was just underground (kinda like "subterranean"; granted, being dead and buried is underground, but... meh, you know what I mean). The "dead" shall rise again... and not in a zombielike way. Not in a Jesus-like way, either.

Also made myself some pumpkin spice coffee. And there was a gift bag from my sister, with a card and some pringles and some candy. My dad gave me a little wind-up Engergizer bunny (ironic that it doesn't run on batteries, n'est-ce pas?) and some cash. Um, what else? I'll be checking facebook throughout the day, as always. But today, people are wishing me a happy birthday, so that's cool. The week of my birthday is also typically the week with the most season/series premieres on TV, though tonight the only one of much interest to me is the season premiere of "Modern Family," which I'll probably watch even though I'm not a huge fan... though it's a show I like on the occasions that I do watch it, and I feel kind of guilty about not being a bigger fan. Also I might check out the series premiere of "Revenge," which I don't expect to get into, but no harm in checking to make sure, especially since I've always wanted Emily VanCamp to be in a show that actually interests me... her shows never really do, aside from the first thing I saw her in, "Glory Days," which sadly didn't last long and now I barely remember it. I never could get into "Everwood," and I don't remember whether or not I even gave "Brothers & Sisters" a chance. So yeah, I'll try this tonight, but I'll probably be disappointed. Or not, because it's hard to be disappointed when you have no expectations.

Oh, let's see, went to Neopets, as I do every day. Of course on my birthday the background imagery will be decorated for the occasion. It's cool how that site does that for players on their birthday. Also the site is celebrating the annual Faerie Festival today, which should have actually been yesterday. Last year the festival was cancelled when all the faeries were turned to stone. That was a whole plot, which was eventually dealt with the the faeries restored, but Faerieland crashed, and in the year since then they've been rebuilding it. This year it's still not fully fixed apparently, so I was worried there just wouldn't be a Festival this year, when no mention of it was made yesterday. But like I said, they're doing it today. Dunno why it's a day late, but whatever. There's not a lot going on this year, but... at least the occasion hasn't passed totally unremarked.

Well. That's all I can think to report for now. I should probably take a shower and get dressed. And then... I dunno. Maybe go for a walk. It's nice out. Then I should probably try to do some work on my book. And later see what else the day has in store, but... I'm not expecting much. There'll probably be a joint party for me and my cousin Janice on Saturday. (Her birthday is also today.) And my parents, sister, and I shall probably go out to eat on Friday. I expect I may get something else for a gift today, but mostly the celebrating will be later in the week.

Alright, now it's later. My walk was good. Then I came home and did nothing of any interest. Certainly didn't work on my book to any degree worth mentioning. So I'm annoyed with myself as usual. But there's still time. Um... eventually Mom came home from work, brought me Sam Adams summer mixpack. A couple weeks ago I asked for the fall mixpack, which I assumed would be out by now, but she couldn't find it. I daresay that's proof of how slow Caribou is. But it's good in a way. I'm normally annoyed by seasonal beers selling out before their season is over, and stores stocking the next season's beers long before that season starts. Technically fall doesn't start for two days yet, so it's fair to still have summer beers in stock, but at this point I'd think it'd also be fair to have fall beers in stock. Either way, I'm happy. And later, my oldest friend Adrian came over. Haven't seen him for a long time, except on facebook. He brought me a couple different six-packs of Guinness. So I'm set for awhile. I'll be having some beer later tonight, while watching TV. And I should put some reviews in the alcohol reviews section of my site. (Just started that section at the start of August, so it'll take me quite awhile just to review all the beers I've had before, as I only want to write reviews while I'm drinking a particular beer... and I am drinking a lot less often since I moved back to New Sweden. But no worries, when I'm rich I'll make up for it.) Also, tonight Dad's cooking some steaks on the grill. We'll also have corn on the cob and potatoes. Grandma's coming over later to join my parents and me for supper.

Update: There was a special surprise guest at supper. Meanwhile, my eyes are tired because of looking at the computer all the time. Maybe it'll help if I increase the display size. I can see it alright at 100% I think, but maybe my eyes are straining without my being aware of it. Anyway... soon time for TV. Yay, more eye strain! Oh, and I still haven't done a lot with my book... no actual writing, but I've had some ideas which may be of some small help to the story. I guess.

September 23
Let's see, it's Friday night now. But first I should mention that last night Mom, Dad, and I went to Eureka Hall with Grandma, Alan, Brenda, and special mystery guest from the previous night's dinner here. Anyway, we weren't celebrating anything special that I know of, but dinner at Eureka was good. If longer than expected. And I got a birthday card from Alan and Brenda, who won't be in town for the party tomorrow. Card had a check, which I deposited today, and which shall cover my next month's website fee. Which makes me happy.

Today, Mom, Dad, and I went to both Caribou and Presque Isle, stopping in various stores. At one point I was in Family Dollar by myself, standing in line with a bunch of DVDs, but the people ahead of me were taking forever, and finally Mom called cuz she and Dad were done what they were doing. So I didn't get any of those DVDs. Which is fine, I have too many anyway. And I'll get more eventually. Um, and I looked in a video store that I've never been in, which had a few used DVDs of interest. I picked up "Loser," which I watched years ago on VHS and liked. So it'll be good to have a chance to see that again. While there I also picked up a bottle of "Realtree OUtdoor Energy," which I've never seen before, but it was decent. Pretty much like NOS, with a spiffier bottle (but a less spiffy cap). And we went to Bonanza for either a late lunch or early supper, I dunno. It was okay. Then walmart, where of course there were lots more DVDs I wanted, and I could have afforded since I have a bit of birthday cash. But I refrained. Someday, though, someday. Also it seems like there's a ton of commercial tie-ins with various food products for the release of Star Wars on blu-ray. I gotta get me a blu-ray player when I'm rich, but meh, I'll still probably just get Star Wars on DVD. Again. Either way, it'll be quite awhile before I do that. Though maybe next time I'm there I should pick up one of those Star Wars popcorn tins. I shoulda done that today, but... whatever. Um... and later, back in Caribou, I thought about getting some things at Shop N Save, like this moonshine I'd seen before that I've been wanting to try (even though I'm generally not a liquor fan). But again, I didn't get it. Welp, there'll be other chances. And I have enough beer for now. Which reminds me, in walmart saw the Sam Adams harvest mixpack, which of course has a new flavor. I'll have to get that sometime this fall. And... I guess that's all I can say for now. Or rather, I choose to stop rambling. It's not like I don't have other utterly insignificant things I could ramble about....

September 24
Well, Beth came over in the morning and we all did some cleaning before the party for Janice and me, when a bunch of relatives came. There was yummy food. I got some cards with monies inside, which was nice. Though I can't use it for awhile. Dunno when I'll go in town next. But at least next week Mom could deposit some of it in the bank and then I could order a few things online. Yay. Oh, last night I did watch "Loser" and wrote a review. Reckon I should watch some other DVD tonight. Probably something animated, since it's Saturday after all. Oh, and I did get a few gifts. Some chocolate, and a DVD of "Supernatural: The Anime Series" (which I had picked out some time ago). Not sure when I'll start watching that, but I look forward to it. Anyway, the party's over. I guess it was okay, though really parties always make me uncomfortable, even if it's just relatives. So I was kind of in a bad mood before it started. But I'm okay now. (I took a walk down to the bridge and back before the party.) And I guess my birthday is now officially over. Thankfully. Of course, soon I'll have to start thinking about Halloween....

September 30
Right, I didn't think I'd be addint to this year's birthday journal, but I suppose I should mention this. Mom deposited some of my birthday money in my bank account yesterday, so today I paid my phone bill online, and now I'm ordering some stuff. Gonna get me some Caramel Apple Red Tea from Republic of Tea. (Of course I still have a fair bit of my Spring Cherry tea left, and I don't even remember if I got it this past spring, or last spring, but the expiration date is for next spring, so there's no rush.) And I ordered some comics from Things From Another World, since I moved back to New Sweden from Bangor at the end of July, and can no longer go to a comic shop. Getting 2 issues of "Dollhouse," 2 issues of "Kick-Ass 2", and "The Guild: Clara" one-shot. Sadly, I've decided to wait on "Buffy Season 9," and just maybe get TPBs instead of single issues. Or maybe I will get single issues, just really late... I dunno. Also not collecting "Angel & Faith" yet, which is probably okay since I'm way behind on "Angel: After the Fall" and anything that came after that (which I'll definitely have to get in TPB form, eventually). And... I was thinking of ordering some other things from other sites, maybe. Including a Cheshire Cat plush, which is something I'd seen like a couple years ago in a store and wanted to get, but didn't... though the one I saw online might not be the same, I dunno. But whatever, I kinda feel like I've spent enough birthday money for today. I guess. So that's all for now, and... probably I shouldn't mention anything else here again when I do spend more money.

Though I should say I really want to get some work done on my book today. I had promised myself some time ago that I'd finished chapter 33 by the end of the month, and I think sometime I might've even promised myself to finish it by my birthday, which obviously I didn't do. And now look, it's 2pm on the last day of September. I've been putting it off today because I was busy with other stuff online... Well, I have several hours left to do some work on it (though I did make some notes about an idea for book 3), before I finally give up for the night. Hopefully I can actually finish the chapter.

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