Dave's Birthday 2010

Sept. 19
So, yeah. I've called my birthday a holiday as long as I can remember, but it's only this year that I've decided to start a section of my website for it, as such. I've been thinking of this for at least a few days, but didn't get around to it til now, um, Sunday, Dave's Day Eve Eve. My birthday's on Tuesday. And I didn't get started til much later in the day than I intended to, I'm afraid, but... I finally did. Wrote up the history of the holiday, though I'm probably forgetting stuff I thought up over the past few days. I dunno. It's good, though. And... I'll say more over the next few days, I guess. When more stuff happens.

Sept. 20
Dave's Day Eve has been fun so far. My sister came by this morning to deliver a few birthday gifts & cards for me, and of course some much-needed birthday money. Later, my cousins Josh and Matt came, and we went out to lunch at Olive Garden (Josh's treat). Then Josh had to catch a flight to England. (Yeah, I'm jealous, but I'd rather be home for my birthday anyway.) Um, then Beth and I went to a few stores, and I wanted to buy stuff, but I didn't. It's funny, the more money I have, the less I want to spend it, cuz it's so rare for me to have extra money, that I don't want the having it to be over so soon. Sigh. Anyway, um... oh, I forgot to mention that on Saturday I got the Sam Adams harvest mixpack. Had half of it Saturday night after work. Sunday I had another four beers during the day, which prevented me from working on my site until later at night. But also that night I tried one of the pumpkin ales which I was planning to save for my birthday. It was pretty good (it evoked for me a feeling of Sleepy Hollow, or something). Though I think I still generally prefer Pumpkinhead Ale. Anyway, I have one of those Sam pumpkin ales left. I don't plan to drink anything today. And now, I don't think I have anything else to say about Dave's Day Eve. It's been fun, though. Look forward to tomorrow....

Sept. 21
I finally got around to writing a Dave's Day carol, but I still want to write some more. I also wanted to print carols out, but I need ink for my printer. I could have bought some yesterday, but I didn't, because I suck. I even went to the store today but decided it was too expensive at Staples, so I'm gonna look again at walmart, though of course then it'll be too late to print anything out. Oh well. At least I bought a new mouse at Radio Shack, which I've been needing. Also while I was out, James paid for my turkey jalapeno melt at Subway. And a bag of monterey jack sun dried tomato Sun Chips. Um... and I should mention that for well over a year now, I've been wanting to try this Japanese restaurant, Yoshi. It's just never happened, though. Recently I was thinking I'd do it Monday, on Dave's Day Eve, and then I thought maybe on Dave's Birthday itself, before work, not caring if I have a bit of sake before work. I mean, it's not like I'd get drunk, or anything. But now I guess I won't be going, after all. Sigh. I dunno when I'll get around to it. It's really very sad. Also it's sad that I still haven't received any birthday cards in the mail yet. But oh, my friend Meghan called last night after midnight to wish me a happy birthday, and bunches of people have been posting birthday wishes on my facebook wall. And... I plan to have some fun when I get out of work tonight.

Yeah... had a beer after work which Tyson paid for. He also ended up paying for my burger, though I never got the dessert I'd been planning on. Had a Dave's Day egg hunt with Tyson and Sabrina and Leslie. And came home and did some more drinking and then I watched some shows on the DVR. By myself. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. It was an okay night. Well, better than average, for the most part. Eh... you know, I simultaneously love life and hate life. What can you do? Oh and Rod gave me a six-pack of Pumpkinhead. Nice. And also while I was at work my friend Jerry stopped by. We talked for awhile and he gave me a few books. Yes, definitely a good day. But now it's over. I resolve to finish my book before I turn 36. Get rich. Get a good life. Yay. And someday in the distant future, find my soul mate. Yay. Man... beer is fun. Also I learned that "bartender" and "barback" are not synonymous, which I find deeply offensive and I challenge that. Whatever.

October 9
There've probably been any number of other things I meant to say over the past few weeks, like mentioning stuff I bought with birthday money, or whatever. But meh, it's probably not important. Still, I did want to mention that I received a few cards with some money from a few people, but... my grandmother's card didn't come, and she and my mom were both worried about that. Eventually it was returned to her as "undeliverable," for no discernible reason. It had the right address and everything. So she put it in a different envelope and tried again. Same thing happened. She was thinking of just depositing money in my bank account instead, but she took the card to the post office and asked them about it. They had no idea why it wasn't delivered. But they tried a third time. Now, it really should only take a day for something to get from one end of the state to the other, but it took a few days. Still, it finally showed up today (Saturday). Too late to go to the bank, but maybe I'll go on Monday. (I'm fairly sure the bank won't be closed for Columbus Day.) So, dunno what I'll do with the money. I have too much I'd like to do, plus I really could stand to save some of it for next month's rent. But I'm sure I'll find something fun to do with at least some of my final birthday money. (Oh, and also I've been meaning to send thank you notes to some people for weeks now, but haven't gotten around to it. I suck at that and hate myself for it. Sigh.) Anyway, I guess this is really the end of Dave's Birthday 2010. Sorry about not mentioning some of the stuff I've done since the big day itself... (Okay, one last nugget: I ordered a Tinker Bell travel mug from DisneyStore.com)

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