Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Friends of Dave

Eat, drink, be merry, friends of Dave
And try to have some fun
Remember Dave born on
September twenty-one
To save us all from our boredom
And share with us some gum
Or loan us some awesome DVDs
Hear mp3s
So today come and hang with David, please

In nineteen seventy-five
In the town of the Red Sox
The birth of David marked the
Autumnal Equinox
So when the trees drop colored leaves
Give Dave a gift-wrapped box
Containing some wicked cool toys
Things he enjoys
Or maybe some precious alloys

For he shares not just things he likes
But also things he writes
This day was born an author
Who sets our minds in flight
To free us from reality
Because it really bites
It's more fun to read fantasy
Set your mind free
His stories will make you holler "Squee!"

But for tonight let's just relax
Dave's made it through his year
He loves to hang with his good friends
So let's all gather near
We'll in his honor watch TV
And have a cup of cheer
O tidings of anime and beer
Things he holds dear
O tidings of anime and beer

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