Halloween 2022

August 29
I decided to start this page because I watched Muse's music video for "You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween", which I added to my YouTube Halloween videos playlist, which you can find on my A/V page. I thought about starting this page earlier this month, when I watched the short film Wendy, because it's set on Halloween. And... I don't remember if I've done any other Halloweenish stuff yet this year.

September 2
I watched last year's TV movie Under Wraps, in anticipation of its upcoming sequel.

Sept. 25
I watched Ghostbusters: Afterlife. I actually meant to watch it on my birthday, Sept. 21, but I failed to do that. Then I meant to watch it on Sept. 23, the first day of fall, but failed again. Anyway, I know it's not October yet, but I consider this my first official movie the Halloween season.

Sept. 28
Yesterday I bought some Frute Brute cereal, a monster cereal I don't recall having ever had before. (It was discontinued in 1982, when I was quite young.) I tried it this morning, and it tastes good. Also yesterday I picked up some Mtn Dew Voo-Dew, a mystery flavor for Halloween. Apparently they've done a different mystery flavor of Voo-Dew every year since 2019, but I don't recall being aware of it before this. Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll try that, maybe later today. Also yesterday I picked up some "Batsquatch" hazy IPA from Rogue Ales, which I don't think I've had before. I expect to try it tomorrow night when I go to the farm. It's not specifically for Halloween, but since it's monsterish, I think this is the perfect time of year for it.

Later: Well, I tried the Voo-Dew. It's pretty intense, as is to be expected from any flavor of Mtn Dew. And it's good, though I wouldn't want to have too much of it at one time. I have no idea what the mystery flavor is supposed to be.

Sept. 29
While drinking some of that Batsquatch, I watched Psycho Beach Party.

October 1
I watched The Evil Dead.

Oct. 2
I watched the first short film from season 3 of Bite Size Halloween on Hulu, and started a page for the season. There are 21 episodes, and I expect to watch one per day until I've gotten through them, so I don't need to bother mentioning every day that I watched an episode.

Oct. 6
I watched The Scream Team.

Oct. 7
I watched Eclipse.

Oct. 9
I watched The Blob.

Oct. 10
I bought some Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin ale to drink on Halloween. When I saw it I figured it's a good idea to get it early in case it's sold out closer to the holiday. I also got some pumpkin flavored hummus, which is okay, but not great. And I watched Tremors 4. And I started watching short films on arieScope Pictures and The Horrors of Halloween.

Oct. 13
I watched Invisible Sister. And I read some two-sentence horror stories.

Oct. 14
I watched LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales. And Werewolf by Night.

Oct. 15
I watched a short film called The Wolf Who Came to Dinner, which I guess has been in my bookmarks for awhile, though I can't remember how I discovered it. Anyway, I considered writing a review of it, but decided I didn't like it quite enough to bother. Still, I thought I might as well mention it here. It was kind of cute. Then I watched It: Chapter One. And an episode of React about Halloween costumes.

Oct. 16
Watched this year's Halloween video by Broken Peach, Don't You Want Me. I liked the song and the costumes and choreography, but it doesn't really seem like a Halloweenish song. And I reviewed a couple of Halloween short films, Sweet Tooth and Dark Roast.

Oct. 17
I watched Monstrous.

Oct. 19
I reviewed the short film American Halloween.

Oct. 20
I watched Under Wraps 2. Also I watched The TiVo, the first Halloween short film from arieScope that I felt like reviewing.

Oct. 22
I watched "It Chapter Two". And the short film The Witching Hour.

Oct. 23
I watched Escape from Tomorrow, which was less of a horror movie than I expected it to be.

Oct. 26
I watched The Babadook.

Oct. 27
I watched a clip from The Daily Show called Halloween: Why Do We Celebrate This? And I watched the Halloween episode of "Girl Meets World" from 2015, and added it to my Halloween episodes page. Riley and Maya dressed as flappers and met the ghost of a real flapper from the 1920s. It was fun. Then I watched Hocus Pocus 2. That was also fun.

Oct. 28
I reviewed the short film Happy Halloween. And I watched the Doctor Who episode "The Halloween Apocalypse", which I had assumed I would add to my Halloween episodes page, but after watching it I don't think I will. Not quite Halloweeny enough.

Oct. 29
I reviewed the short film Spooky Club, which I think I've probably seen before. And I watched Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!, which was a lot of fun.

Oct. 30
I recently got a sampler pack of fall teas from Republic of Tea. So far I've tried a couple of teas that I don't really think of as fall-ish, but they were good anyway. Today I'm drinking one that I do consider a fall tea, pumpkin spice, and it's pretty good. Later I watched the short film Mater and the Ghostlight, and drank another one of the fall teas, which was hot apple cider. It's okay, but tastes a bit weak to me. And I reviewed the short film Prank. I feel a little bit like I might have seen it before, but I'm not sure. And I watched the fifth Scream.

Oct. 31
The big day is here! So... I watched some short films. Made another fall tea (caramel apple). Carved a couple of Jack-o-Lanterns. There's one I made for me, and one I did for Beth. (She then decorated it with pumpkin seeds around the face holes.) Later I had some golden pumpkin tea. That was good. Posted Haunted House by Mckenna Grace in The Music Exchange. At night I started drinking my smashed pumpkin ale. It's... interesting. But I wouldn't buy it again. Then I made some popcorn and settled in for the always terrifying process of trying to choose a movie to watch. And... I had so much trouble choosing, that instead I watched the Simpsons episode from a week ago (which I meant to watch sooner), "Not It", and added it to my Halloween episodes page. It wasn't all that good. I spent the rest of the night trying to make myself watch a movie, and I failed.

November 1
I watched a short film called Day Off the Dead, which was kind of cute, but I didn't like it enough to review it. I wanted to watch a movie at night, but once again, I couldn't make myself do it. (Actually, I started watching a movie on Hulu, but before long the internet got too slow. And then I couldn't make myself watch a DVD.) Later I listened to some music on my Halloween playlist on Spotify.

Nov. 3
Last night I had a movie I was planning on watching, but I failed to do so. But today I am at the farm, and I baked a pumpkin pie that's been in the freezer for quite awhile. It's good.

Nov. 5
The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXXIII aired the night before Halloween, but I just got around to watching it on Hulu today. It was pretty good.

May 18, 2023
I finally watched the Halloween episode of Bob's Burgers. (Executive dysfunction has been a hell of a problem.) Bob and Louise went on a school field trip to an apple orchard, while Gene and Tina were two thirds of a "Twister" costume. (They were waiting for Louise to get back from the field trip.) Also, Louise's friend Jessica was dressed as a cross between Billy Idol and Billie Eilish.

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