Halloween 2019

March 27
I started a new section of my movie reviews for Halloween movies.

June 18
I recently started watching season 2 of "Stranger Things" on DVD. Tonight I watched episode 2, which is set on Halloween, so I added it to my Halloween episodes page. Although the first episode was obviously leading up to Halloween, and I assume there will be more Halloweenish stuff to come throughout the season. (Season 1 had a lot of Christmas stuff in the background throughout most of the season, even if no episodes ever came close enough to really being about the holiday for me to include on my Christmas episodes page.)

June 30
I started watching the Hulu anthology series Into the Dark, in which each episode is a movie set on a different holiday. The first one is set on Halloween. (It premiered last October, but I didn't have Hulu at the time.)

August 23
I started a section in my TV reviews to link to any sort of horror shows of which I have reviews in various other sections of my site.

October 1
I posted the video Kiss the Go-Goat in The Music Exchange, to kick off the month. I have actually posted some other macabre videos in the Music Exchange this year, including one last month on Friday the 13th. But things I post there don't really count towards Halloween unless I do it in October. However, I will say I'm not the only one to post videos of that nature in the group. Also last month, a friend posted a video of "This Is Halloween" covered by Broken Peach, which was pretty cool. I added that to my Halloween videos playlist, and that made me realize there are probably some other videos I've posted in the Music Exchange over the years that I never thought to add to that playlist. And I still haven't gotten around to doing so, but I swear I'll get to it sometime this month.

October 3
A few weeks or so ago, I saw a t-shirt at Walmart that I thought I might like to buy for Halloween. But I didn't get it that day. The next time I was there, I was thinking of getting it, but they were out of my size. But today, Beth bought it for me. Actually, she got it in two sizes, 2x (which I usually get) and 3x. I decided to keep the larger size, and she'll take back the other one.

October 4
There's a t-shirt I've been meaning to order for like a few years now, and this year I finally got around to doing so. It arrived in the mail today. (It features a girl who I believe is supposed to be Wednesday Addams. Check it out to the right.)

And at night I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street.

October 5
I watched the first episode of American Horror Story: Coven. It was pretty fucked up.

October 6
I watched Halloweentown High for the first time since 2004, and this time I finally got around to writing a review.

October 7
I watched yesterday's episode of SciShow, Things That Go Bump in Your Brain: 4 Scientific Explanations for Ghosts. It seemed like an appropriate topic for this time of year. Also I watched the Halloween episode of "Eerie, Indiana" (from 1991) on Amazon, just so I could add it to my Halloween episodes page. (Even after watching it now, I can't recall whether or not I'd ever seen it before.) Actually, I did this because I had recently been looking through a list of Halloween episodes on Halloween Specials Wiki, and came across that one. So now I've been looking through the list some more, and adding other things to my Halloween episodes page, and now it's almost 2 AM, and I'm barely keeping my eyes open, so maybe I'll continue looking through the list on the wiki tomorrow or sometime.

October 9
So, yesterday I was helping Beth with a project outside. I was standing on the top step of a step-stool, which itself was standing on the small square of "porch" at the top of a few steps leading to our front door. I reached up to do something with the roof, and lost my balance, tumbled down to the ground. Went to the ER, got x-rays. Thankfully, no broken bones, though I learned that I have arthritis in my neck, and I've got scrapes and bruises in various places, and swelling in my left forearm. Today that has mostly meant a lot of pain in my left elbow, wrist, hand, and fingers. So anyway... that was scary, and scares are appropriate this time of year. But the aftermath of the scare has left it difficult for me to do much... including Halloween-related stuff. But I'll try not to fall too far behind on all that.

October 10
DC Kids Show did an episode with Jett and Nandi trying on superhero costumes. So I added that to my Halloween episodes page, and realized I had never put Halloween episodes of that show from 2017 on my page (though I had put one of them on my Halloween videos playlist). So I added the three Halloween vids from 2017 to my page. And I'm sure there'll be at least one more Halloween episode this year, in the coming weeks.

October 11
Last night I continued looking through the list on Halloween Specials Wiki, and for some shows that I have watched and have reviews for, but didn't remember Halloween episodes, I checked Amazon or Hulu to see if I could watch such episodes for free. A lot of them I couldn't, but for those I could, I added the shows to my watch lists. Today, I watched a 1985 episode of The Cosby Show, which seemed familiar, so I must have seen it before, but it was nice to refresh my memory. Anyway, I added it to my Halloween episodes page. And later I watched another Cosby Show episode and added it to my Halloween eps page, although Halloween was really just the B-story, this time.

Also today I watched the first episode of the new Facebook Watch series "The Birch." There are a couple more eps I need to watch, and then I think there will be more eps released every Friday. So I'll probably start a review of that, soon. Later at night, I watched a 2015 TV movie called Liar, Liar, Vampire. There aren't actually any vampires in it, and it's not really Halloweenish (except for one scene, near the end). But it still seemed appropriate for this month.

October 12
Well, I didn't get as much Halloweenish stuff done today as I would have liked, mainly on account of the series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and my desire to update or add some voice actor links associated with the show. (I'll have to actually update my review of the season soon, too.) But one thing I did do tonight was to watch Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, which I think is close enough to horror. Sort of. I guess. I dunno.

October 13
Mom bought some pumpkin spice cream cheese recently. I tried some today on a bagel. It is so orange. And it tastes rather like cake frosting. I like it. That was breakfast. Later, when I was having lunch, I tried some pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. That was good, too. (I certainly didn't want to do pumpkin spice in coffee and on a bagel at the same time, though. That'd just be overkill.)

October 15
I watched the first eight episodes of an anthology webseries that started a few years ago, called Scary Endings, and started the page where I'll review it. But I'm bored with that now, so I'll finish it some other time. Meanwhile, I watched a DVD of The Night Stalker.

October 16
I watched Scary Movie on Amazon.

October 17
I watched the season one Halloween episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" on Amazon, and added it to my Halloween episodes page. (I must have seen the episode when it first aired in 1996, but I didn't really remember it.) Over the next couple of weeks, I'll probably try to watch some Halloween eps from other seasons of that series. Also tonight I watched the last two episodes of season one of the webseries "Scary Endings," and finished my review of the season. I should get around to the second season sometime this month.

October 18
I started a new section of movie reviews for vampire films, which I'd like to move any of my vampire movie reviews to from other sections. But some time ago, I did the same thing for zombie movies... started a new section, and so far haven't gotten around to moving old reviews there. So I dunno yet if or when I might movie old reviews to my vampire section, either. But whatevs. Um... also, I watched a short film on Crypt TV called Prim and Proper, which was pretty horrifying. And it looks like it's just the first episode of a new series called "Miss Annity," so I suppose I'll wait awhile before deciding if it needs its own review page, or if I'll just add it to my Crypt TV page. And speaking of Crypt TV, Facebook Watch released episodes 4 and 5 of "The Birch" today, but I still hadn't watched the second and third eps from last Friday. So today I finally got around to watching episode 2. I guess I don't plan on watching more than one episode per day, but I do hope to get caught up on the current episodes before any more are released.

October 19
Mom and I were in town today, mainly to have my nurse practitioner check out my forearm and hand from the fall I had a couple weeks ago. Nothing new to report there. But then we did some shopping, and at one point mom bought some Halloween Pez dispensers. She didn't give me any of them yet, so maybe she'll wait til Halloween itself, or maybe sometime sooner, I dunno. Anyway... later I watched the season 2 Halloween episode of "King of the Hill," on Hulu. I would assume I probably watched when it first aired in 1997, but it didn't really seem particularly familiar to me. Still, it was entertaining, and made me feel kind of nostalgic for that series. Anyway, I added the episode to my Halloween episodes page. And now I'm about to start watching Bram Stoker's Dracula on DVD, and drink some wine that I bought earlier today.

October 20
Watched tonight's new Treehouse of Horror XXX. And "Bless the Harts," in which Wayne was afraid of ghosts but Violet and Leonard make him face his fear by hunting for a local ghost legend, while Jenny and her mom take her late father's ashes to a Halloween party to be scattered. And on "Bob's Burgers," Tina's dreams are haunted by the ghost of a pig she had to dissect in science class. And then I watched ZOMBIES. By the time I was done with that it was technically the next day, but whatever. Not ready for sleep, so I watched Key & Peele's season 2 Halloween episode on Hulu, which I guess I hadn't seen before.

October 21
Watched the 2006 version of When a Stranger Calls, on DVD. Oh, and Hulu has a little "film fest" with seven short films. I watched one the other day called "The Dunes," which I didn't find that impressive. Tonight I watched the second film, "Flagged," which I also didn't care much about. Still, I do intend to watch all seven short films before deciding whether or not to make a page about them. ...Then I watched the season 3 "3rd Rock from the Sun" Halloween episode on Amazon, and added it to my Halloween eps page. (I would think I must have watched it in 1997, but it wasn't really familiar to me, but it still felt fairly nostalgic.) And I watched Sabrina's season 2 Halloween episode. And I started season 2 of "Scary Endings," while finishing up the box of wine I started a couple of days ago. (I am officially done with expecting a 5 liter box of wine to last more than three nights.)

October 23
I watched the 2005 Halloween episode from season 4 of "Monk," on Amazon. I must have seen it when it originally aired, but once again, I didn't particularly remember it. It was good, though. Later, I worked on my Spotify Halloween jams playlist. A few songs I had there before had died, so I found replacements for them. And then I added several songs I hadn't had on the list until now. (Sadly, I also looked for some things that I couldn't find, and I have no idea if it would even be possible for me to, like, upload them to Spotify myself. Or whatever. But I guess it's not important.

October 24
I watched a vaguely Halloween-themed episode of the webseries "Christy's Kitchen Throwback." I also started watching "The Amityville Horror" on Amazon, but only got about a half hour into it before my internet got too slow to continue, so I'll try to finish that up sometime soon.

October 25
I watched last night's episode of "Evil" on the DVR, and it was set on Halloween. (I think it's going to re-air next Thursday instead of a new episode.) Meanwhile, I feel like my internet is probably too iffy tonight to try watching anything online, so maybe I'll watch a DVD instead of picking up where I left off last night on "Amityville."

October 26
I watched the season 3 Halloween episode of "Totally Spies," on Amazon, which I guess first aired in 2005 (at least in the U.S.), but I don't think I had seen it before this. It was kind of fun. (I really should maybe try someday to watch more of that show that I've never seen. Like, there are probably at least a few seasons I haven't seen.) Also I watched Transylvania 6-5000 on DVD.

October 27
There's so much I wanted to do today, but the main thing I've been planning on for weeks to do today was watch "Return to Halloweentown," and I didn't do that. Partly it's because depression incapacitated me for awhile. But when I was able to do things again, I worked on adding some new videos to my Halloween and Everyday Monsters playlists. (I have some more non-halloween commercials I need to add to my updates, but now I'm so tired it will have to wait.)

October 28
Well it's Monday night, and I just watched last Friday's Halloween episodes of "American Housewife", "Fresh off the Boat", and "Magnum P.I." They were all good. Oh, on FOTB, Honey and Marvin were dressed as Buffy and Angel... except Marvin dressed as an actual angel instead of the character. That was doubly funny to me, partly for the obvious joke, and partly because he had played the Devil on Reaper. Also tonight, mom gave me those Pez dispensers she bought awhile back. I got pictures of them from the Pez website. The one I really wanted and probably would have bought for myself is the witch (because I think she's cute), but mom wanted to get more because there was a discount, I guess. So, I also got the mummy (because earlier on the day she got them I'd seen a bit of a news thing on TV about a new Egyptian tomb or something being discovered), and a bat, and a ghost. And I finally finished watching "The Amityville Horror," so hopefully I'll write my review tomorrow.

October 29
Since starting my "vampire films" category of movie reviews, I finally forced myself to work on moving zombie movie reviews in my zombie films category, and I finished that today. (Some reviews I still left in other sections, though, for reasons.) And I wrote my review of The Amityville Horror. And I watched last night's episode of "Prodigal Son." The climax was set on Halloween, but it wasn't enough for me to feel it warrants being listed on my Halloween episodes page. And I watched Key & Peele's season 3 Halloween episode on Hulu. And way back on October 1, I said I'd add videos to my YouTube playlist on my A/V page, and tonight (and into Wednesday morning) I finally got around to doing that. On the 23rd, I mentioned adding some songs to my Spotify playlist, and tonight I added one more: the "Stranger Things" main title, extended cut. And now it is well past time for me to sleep.

October 30
I mentioned before that Hulu had a film fest with seven short films, of which I watched two. Well, I watched the remaining five today, and started a review for the Huluween Film Fest. But I discovered this was actually the second year they did one, so I'll have to watch last year's short films, as well... hopefully in the next couple of days. Also I watched a vlog in which Christy Carlson Romano, her husband, and their kids went to a festival kind of thing with a hay maze and other activities, as well as pumpkins for sale. (I think this is the first in what will be a new series of vlogs on her YouTube channel.) And then I watched the season 5 Halloween episode of "Frasier," from 1997, on Amazon. I have no idea whether I'd seen it before, or even whether I was still watching the show by season 5. But it was a fun (if somewhat cringeworthy) comedy of errors. And I watched the 1999 TV movie The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, on DVD.

October 31
Well, the big day is here. I had a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese for breakfast. I posted Christina Aguilera's "Haunted Heart" (from the new "Addams Family" movie) in The Music Exchange. I'm wearing my "Over Your Dead Body" t-shirt. And... I had to go to Presque Isle to see my therapist. She gave me a lollipop for Halloween. Oh yeah, also I have my new bat Pez dispenser with me, filled with candy corn Pez. (It doesn't taste much like candy corn, which is probably for the best.) Went to Walmart, where I saw a DVD of a movie I'd never heard of, "The Legend of Hallowaiian," which is a kids' movie, but I might like it. Didn't buy it, though, which is a good thing, because when we later got to dialysis to wait for dad to get out, and I got online, I found that it's included with Amazon Prime Video, so I can watch it for free. Not sure when I'll do that, because I am already so far behind on all the movies I was hoping to watch this month, both online and on DVD. And because of being in town for all these hours, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to watch things when we get home. Um... in other news, I was at a grocery store where I saw pumpkin nog. That's something I would definitely like to try, but I didn't get it. And now I'm sitting here watching YouTube videos. I added a Butterfinger commercial to my Halloween commercials playlist. Samantha Bee did a segment on organ transplants for Halloween. And Ronny Chieng did a Halloween is Stupid segment on The Daily Show.

Back home, continuing to catch up on YouTube vids. DC Kids Show had Jett and Nandi doing some Halloween party games. And then there was a Halloween episode of "Christy's Kitchen Throwback." (I know I said that last week's episode was Halloween-themed, but this one was even more so.) Watched another episode of "Scary Endings." Man, there are a lot of series I started watching this month that are going to take me awhile to finish. And lots more I haven't even started. Same with movies. But it's fine. I have done a ton of stuff this month, and I'll do some more things over the next few days that I'll include as part of this year's Halloween season. But it's fine that I won't do all I had hoped to. I hoped for way too much, it was just ridiculous. And not all horror needs to be watched on or around Halloween, anyway. So it's actually good that I've got plenty to do whenever I get around to it. I won't feel stressed about it. Meanwhile... I had some hot apple cider (made from powder). I had some popcorn. I watched "The Witch" and "Halloween", and I had some beer from a Shipyard IPA mixpack. Good stuff.

November 1
Watched "The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" for All Saints Day.

November 2
It's Saturday. I haven't had a chance to write reviews yet for The Witch or Halloween or Boondock Saints, because yesterday the power was out for a long time, and when it came back there still was no internet. And there was no internet for most of today, either. I do hope to get around to writing all of those reviews before too much longer, now that the internet is back. Meanwhile, today I watched Wednesday's Halloween episodes of "Modern Family" and "Single Parents," on the DVR. They were both decent. I've added them both to my Halloween episodes page, and the latter also to my escape rooms page. And... I have a number of other shows from this week I need to catch up on, which may take me a few days. Some of them will surely be more Halloween episodes. Also today I watched the short film La Noria.

November 3
I watched last Tuesday's Halloween episodes of "Mixed-ish" and "Black-ish." And I want to mention that last night, my plan had been to watch "Coco" for Dia de los Muertos, but I didn't, because I was too tired. And my plan for tonight was to watch "Return to Halloweentown," since my original plan to watch it last Sunday fell through. And now... I once again find myself too tired to watch any movie. So I don't know, maybe I'll just leave that for next Halloween. Sigh. But I did rework my scary movies section. I got rid of the top navframe with the buttons linking to different subgenres, and replaced it with plain links instead of buttons and no navframe. Also I started a subgenre page for "folk horror," because that's where I intend to put my review of "The Witch," which I still haven't gotten around to writing.

November 8
Well I finally got around to writing my review of The VVitch, a little over a week after watching it.

November 10
I finally watched "Coco" tonight. Hopefully I'll write my review tomorrow, but for now I can say it was an awesome movie. I also still need to write a couple other reviews for things I watched before. And I am so behind on things I wanted to watch, especially "The Birch." I don't even remember if I've watched past episode 2 yet. But... I did recently buy the pumpkin nog I mentioned before. I was planning on saving it for Thanksgiving, but I drank it tonight while watching Coco, and I think that was the right decision. Anyway... I think this means the Halloween season is officially over for me, though I will post here again when I've written my movie reviews.

November 14
Finally wrote my review of Halloween.

November 15
Finally wrote my review of Boondock Saints II. Feels kind of weird mentioning it on this page two weeks late. At least when I'm late with Halloween movies, it's easy to see why they'd be mentioned in my Halloween journal, but an "All Saints Day" movie that isn't even about the holiday in the title... whatever.

November 17
I finally wrote my review of Coco today. But there's still one more Halloween thing I need to do before the holiday will be well and truly finished, for me. ...So, "Sunnyside" was cancelled after four episodes, but that's just on TV. There were more episodes that have been released each week online, and a Halloween episode was released on October 31, but I just watched it on Hulu tonight. And added it to my Halloween episodes page. And now... Halloween is done.

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