Halloween 2003

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So here's the idea. Maybe each year I'll write a bit about what I've done that year for the holiday. Or maybe after this year I'll never bother with it again, I dunno. Now let me think. In 1999 I stole a coaster from a pub in Monterey. That was cool. It has the grim reaper on it, and a beer. One side is sort of a darker shade than the other. I guess the darker one has a Guinness, which has a rip on the picture from some scotch tape, cuz I had all my coasters taped together when i moved here. To Ohio. Stupid me. The other side has a Bass. Ah well. So I'm using that coaster this year. Tonight is Devil's Night. I have been drinking some Woodchuck amber cider. I haven't had Woodchuck for a few years, I guess. That's some good stuff. I was gonna have this Vampire wine tonight, but I realized I don't have a corkscrew. I had a few back in Maine, I guess I didn't take any with me when I moved. Oh well. I'll buy one tomorrow. I was gonna have the cider tomorrow, but I'll switch with the wine. Whatever. The Vampire wine comes from Transylvania. They also make this Vamp energy drink. I'll try that tomorrow, too.

This morning on the ride into work, I listened to my CD of the cast album from "Once More, With Feeling," the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Damn that was an awesome episode. Of one of the best series ever. And a hell of a great CD, too. I didn't get through all of it in the morning, but I listened to the rest of it on the way home after work. Mostly what was left were suites from other episodes. Creepy music, real nice.

Awhile back I bought this thing from a dollar store, a skeleton clacker noisemaker thing, it bonks its head when you shake it. (Oh look, the label says "Clicker Licker.") There was a Jack-o-Lantern one too, but I didn't get that one. Maybe next year, eh? They have a lollipop kinda thing or whatever. And also a lame-ass whistle. That's some kinda multi-tasking candy, eh? I tried it when I bought it like a week or two ago. Now it's weird there's like no bacteria growing on it or anything, don't you think? Whatever, I'll have some more of it tomorrow.

Also I got a couple bags of candy. I haven't tried them yet. One was "blood suckers" lollipops from Foreign Candy. Another was Dubble Bubble Twinklers.

What else to say? I watched the series premiere of Tru Calling tonight. It wasn't bad, I guess. It's always nice to see Eliza Dushku. Um... I decorated my board with flying pokemon ghosts, Haunter, Misdreavus, and Duskull. ElizaDolots made them transparent for me, so mad props to her. (Mad props? Have I dated myself?) And here I am, trying to put together my little Halloween page. God, I'm boring. Tomorrow night I'll probably try to watch a rerun of History Channel's history of Halloween. There's no trick-or-treaters around here, you know. Kids were out tonight, I dunno why. They should be out tomorrow night, but whateva. They can't come here, anyway. No trick-or-treating allowed in the apartment building. Such a shame. I was thinking of getting a fiber optic pumpkin from K-mart, but I never did. I'm low on money, anyway. I got a real pumpkin though, I suppose tomorrow I'll have to carve it, but I also have to watch tapes and stuff. Earlier this month I started playing a game with creepy pokemon, I never got far with that, I totally lost interest. And I've been reading The Beast Within, a collection of Kindred stories. I hardly ever find time to read, though, so the holidays should be over well before I finish. Sunday night I'll have to watch Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. Okay, I can't think what else to say for now. I got some taquitos. Maybe I'll have some tomorrow or the day after. That should be nice. Buh bye, now. I'll bore you some more later...

Oct. 31

I meant to say that awhile back I bought a candy bowl at Rite Aid. My sister doesn't like it, cuz it has skulls on it. But it's okay, cuz I got a different candy bowl at Giant Eagle, the store where I work. I put the candy I bought yesterday in my bowl, in my room. The candy Beth bought the other day is in the other bowl, in the living room. I also got a plastic goblet at Rite Aid, it looks like a skull version of the Screamer. Except without hands. I'm planning on drinking my wine from it. Oh, also I had a Snapple elements Atomic Jacked Apple drink yesterday. And this morning I watched my tape of Sunday night's Adult Swim. It was pretty good, although it did kill me. That's okay, I was already dead, anyway. Okay, I guess that's about all I have to say for now. More later.

Nov. 1

Okay, what to say about the rest of my day. It's 12:26am, now. I watched a tape of Smallville. Not Halloweeny at all, but it was cool to see Perry White, and it was cool that Michael McKean played him. Um, I did laundry. I watched "I'm With Her," since it was a Halloween ep. The only other ep I've seen is the pilot. I don't care about the show, even if I like the stars from other stuff they've done. And Robert Englund was in this ep, so that was cool. I set the VCR to record some other stuff, but didn't set it for this thing that I wanted to see at 10:30, since I assumed I'd be home by then. Something about vampires and werewolves. I think it was on like a month ago, and I assumed it'd be on again about this time, though I couldn't recall what channel it had been on. I saw it listed today, though, on AMC. But I missed it. I'll have to see if it'll be on again sometime. Right now I can't remember if I did much of anything else to speak of, at home. Except maybe like having a pumpkin delight. And I finished reading one of the Kindred stories I'd started the other day; plenty left to read, though. Oh, and I never carved the pumpkin I bought, though I mainly got it because my sister wants to fry the seeds or something. I usually like carving jack-o-lanterns, but this year I couldn't be bothered. When I got home a while ago I drew a face on it with a Sharpie, though. Anyway, my sister and I left the house this afternoon. I played pokemon for a few minutes. We went to my job to get a check and check my schedule for next week. Then to the bank to deposit my check and some money sis gave me. When I write out a check for rent next week, I'll have a little over a dollar left in my account. Oh, and I never got a corkscrew, so no wine tonight, either. Oh well. But later we went to our relatives' house. Then she went to a hayride/bonfire thing, while I stayed at the relatives'. My cousins were having a party with some friends. I mostly felt like a loner and a loser, as usual. I only knew my relatives and one of their friends. Of course they're all younger than I. My cousin did play a couple CDs I'd brought, one was "Songs in the Key of X," the other was a disc I burned in June, just before moving out here. Check out disc six here. Don't know what else to say. There were these silver candies that looked like polished stones. Very futuristic. I didn't know what they were, and apparently no one else did, either, but I tried one, not even sure if it was something to eat. Later I told someone it was candy, and he didn't believe me at first. No one did. But finally they all got to trying them, amazed that these silver polished stone things were actually edible. Oh yeah, and I had the Vamp NRG drink over there. It was good enough. Okay, now I really don't know what else to say, but it's about 12:40, and Bram Stoker's Dracula is on Bravo. I've never seen it. I'm going to try to watch it though already I haven't paid much attention to the first 10 minutes while I was writing this.... More later.

Nov. 3

I skipped a day's entry. I dunno what else to say. Um, I watched the Halloween ep of Angel the other day, that was good. I can't even remember what else I might've had to say. I finally bought a corkscrew today, so I'll have to get around to drinking my wine. I taped shows on FOX last night, though I haven't had a chance to watch them yet. Okay, that's all for now, I guess. Buh-bye, kids.

Nov. 4

Last night I watched Treehouse of Horror. I thought the Kodos and Kang intro was mildly amusing, and I laughed when the other presenter (I forget who it was) said to Jennifer Garner, "I disagree." The first time. It was also kind of cool when Homer said he wanted to be Death again. That's about it, kids. Other than that, it was just sad. But my Vampire wine, on the other hand, was very, very happy. And now I guess Halloween is over. Fo' real, yo. I know it cuz the Adult Swim bumpers I watched today on my tape from Sunday said so. See ya next year, then. Maybe I'll actually put together a costume, next time. And carve the damn pumpkin. I've made some damn good jack-o-lanterns in the past. Wish I had pictures. Today I thought a pirate pumpkin might be cool. But it's too late. Okay, seriously, buh-bye.

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