tek's playing cards collection

I've been collecting various sets of playing cards for a long time. It's not that I have a particular affinity for playing cards, but there are lots of entertainments that I enjoy for which playing cards are just one of countless forms of tie-in merchandise. So... I buy some of those, and sometimes receive some as gifts. I must have had a page listing them at some point, but one day in 2015, when I was looking for that page, I couldn't find it. So I must have deleted it and forgotten. And I decided to start a new page listing my sets, and also scan some of the cards (which I'm pretty sure I hadn't done before). So... here goes.
Click on card backs to view scans of each set. (The first page is more interesting than the back would suggest; it includes scans from several different decks.)

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...Incidentally, when I was younger I remember seeing a deck of cards at my grandparents' house, and on the back of the cards was a drawing of a pin-up girl in a bathrobe. I liked it a lot, for obvious reasons. (I don't think any of the cards had pictures on the front, just the one pic on the back.) But I haven't seen those cards in years, I'm not sure what became of them. I don't remember for sure what they looked like, but I did a Google search for "playing cards pin up girl bathrobe" and while this probably isn't the picture from the cards (though I guess it could be), I'd say that of the pics that turned up, this is what most reminds me of them. (BTW, obviously, this and several other sets of cards in my collection involve the objectification of women- whether real, fictional, or just drawings/paintings- which I think is terrible. But... I have conflicting feelings about it for various reasons, such as an interest in historical or nostalgic perspectives of art, and an interest in various entertainments or celebrities, and the understanding that anyone can have an appreciation for anyone else's physical appearance without discounting more important aspects of their being, which I don't believe necessarily qualifies as objectification, per se. Then again... all these things could just be excuses. So, maybe it's unacceptable... or maybe I'm just overthinking it. They're just cards, after all. Or maybe it's just unacceptable; that possibility bears repeating.)