tek's buttons & pins collection

One I got for graduating 8th grade in 1989, and one for graduating high school in 1993.

A communicator badge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sadly, it's not functional.

A couple of pins from Disney Movie Club: the Infinity Gauntlet, and Tinker Bell

Ha, it's a planet pun. This is one I'd most likely wear on Earth Day.

This is one I'd most likely wear on the Fourth of July, if I'm in the mood to celebrate America on any given year.

The emblem of the Knights of Good, from The Guild.

I've always been a fan of the Joker. It's a shame the tip of the "r" broke off this pin.

Because I have lived most of my life in Maine.

Because I have mental illnesses.

It's funny that I got this in 2007, seven whole years before I even got "woke."

I am not a perky person... most of the time. (Although I also don't smoke, which this guy seems to be doing.)

One for the 25th anniversary of Star Trek, and one for the 30th anniversary.

I think the theater was giving these away when I went to see one of the Star Wars special edition movies.

I got this in high school. Our sports teams were the Vikings.

This is part of the package I got one year in grade school when a story I wrote won a spot in the Young Authors Institute book for that year.

Buttons I don't really need, and wouldn't mind giving away if anyone asks:

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