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Okay, the fact that I now want to show you all my bookmarks and call it a "collection" kind of scares me. But whatevs. Anyway, I've scanned all the ones I could find, but it's possible there are others hiding from me, somewhere. I'm not sure. Also I should say they are of varying sizes, but I made the pics all the same length just so the page would be neater. Obvi. I wish I could tell you where each and every bookmark came from, like whether (and where) I bought it, or if it was a gift (and from whom). But some of them I know the answer to that, and some I just don't remember. (Not that you care, I suppose.)

Let's start with a bookmark from my sun & moon collection. (You can probably tell it has a tassel.... or at least it used to. Also I want to say the scan doesn't do it justice, because IRL the design is a shiny metallic gold color.) Then a homemade one from a family friend, with a photo and a Bible verse. (I received several of those over the years, but this is the only one I can currently find.) Then one from BookMarc's, and one from Pro Libris, both of which are bookstores in Bangor, Maine. And one (front & back) of "constellations fun facts" that I got inside a birthday card in 2016. One (front & back) of a candy cane, the back of which has a story of the creation of the first candy cane

Next I have a few anime bookmarks: one with ELIE from Rave Master; one with the title character from Inuyasha (both of those have a tassel, with a few beads attached.) Then one (front & back) advertising "The Story of Saiunkoku." (I don't recall where I got that one, but it was probably a freebie that came with something I ordered, or whatever. I've never seen the anime and know nothing about it.)

After that, there's one (front & back) advertising Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the comic books on which it was based. (I also don't recall where I got this.) Then there's one advertising the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection, which I'm fairly sure was a freebie from Disney Movie Club. (I actually have two of the Star Wars bookmark, if anyone wants one of them. The words are a shiny metallic silver.) Then there are several that I definitely got from Disney Movie Club. There's one (front & back) of Brave; one (front & back) of Frozen; one (front & back) of the live-action "Jungle Book" (which I haven't seen yet); and one (front & back) of the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" (which I also haven't seen yet). And when I ordered a lithograph binder from DMC, they threw in a bookmark from "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" (which I also haven't seen).

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