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Flavigny pastilles: violet and jasmine.
These things are good. I like the violet more than the jasmine. I hope someday to try some other flavors.

La Vie de la Vosgienne Les Framboises.
I used to love to get these when I was a kid. Of course they make various flavors, and last year I got a few of them, but the raspberry ones will always be my favorite, so it's probably the only tin I'll keep from La Vie.

Penguin lights.
The tin is pretty cool, and it kind of reminds me of good ol' Ozzy Cobblepot. Oh, here's their website.

Jelly Belly.
I've had this awhile but just forgot to put it here. I keep small batteries in it. I had batteries from the Lord of the Rings goblets from Burger King a couple years ago, and I recently added a few batteries I took out of watches.

Dragon Fire.
I think my cousin Luke mentioned this gum to me one time, a friend of his had some or something. Anyway, I found one tin of it in a drug store after I moved to Solon. I don't suppose they'll get any more in, so I'll probably never get any more. Reckon I'm lucky to have this one. It's pretty cool.
Edit: The other day I saw some Dragon Fire gum in the checkout line at K-Mart. Pretty weird, huh?

Q Mints.
Picked this up one day at Quiznos. The mints are shaped like Q's. Although I'm afraid I lost the tin somehow. So I should try to get a new one someday, I suppose.

It's Happy Bunny: suck on a mint?
I like Happy Bunny. There are a few other Happy Bunny mint tins I'd like to get if I ever find them. But I'm glad to have this one. I should also get some other stuff someday like posters, magnets, etc. C'mon, Happy Bunny rocks!

Um... here's a Christmas tin from 1994. It's not bad. Dunno what else to say.

Callard & Bowser Toffee Selection Holiday Tin 1998 - Edwardian
Picked this one up in California at Trader Joe's, I believe. Now I keep playing cards in it, though my collection has gotten too big to fit all my decks in it, so maybe someday I'll find another use for it, I dunno. Anyway, I think it's pretty cool.

I actually have... I'm not even sure how many Coca-Cola tins, particularly with colar bears. Here I have a picture of one of them, but I've got at least a few others that I didn't find pictures of. The one pictured has marbles in it, but I store various things in the others, like Pez dispensers or just random junk. I'm not sure what originally came in these tins, some of them could have been popcorn or puzzles or candy, any number of possibilities, I just don't remember. The second image I have here is of a vending machine design that I'm pretty sure came with caramel corn. I'm not using it for anything right now, but it's pretty cool, I'm sure I'll find a use for it sometime. The third pic is of a tin that has a puzzle in it, which as yet I haven't opened. There are different images around the tin, and I just have a pic here of one side of it, which I snapped with my camera phone.

Coke Camera
I don't know if I ever really used the Year 2000 Collector Camera that comes in this tin. I suppose I tried it and it didn't work well, or something. But I do like the tin. So, I've snapped pics of all 4 sides plus the lid with my camera phone. Actually it has 8 sides, but four of them are so small they don't really matter. You can see what they look like in a couple of the pics, though.

The first picture is something I snapped with my camera phone. It originally contained some Hershey's minatures, but there's nothing in it right now. The next picture is a Hershey's Kisses Millennium Series tin, Canister #4. Pretty spiffy, eh? Actually the four sides are all slightly different in design. The kisses are also embossed, I'm not sure how well you can tell from the picture. Nothing in the tin right now... The next picture is of a Hershey's kisses tin from 1980, though of course the design is from some decades earlier. Pretty neat I think. I keep a bunch of marbles in it. Some of them are loose, some are in several drawstring bags. Yeah, I've got a sort of collection of them bags, including some that are elsewhere... but I don't have a page for that collection. Couple of the bags are Crown Royal, though, not that I ever drank the stuff...

Republic of Tea - Memoirs of a Geisha
I looked all over for this and couldn't find it, so finally I ordered it from the website. Unfortunately, the picture isn't directly on the tin, it's a label, but it's still quite nice. And I've been looking forward to trying this brand for a long time, anyway. And my favorite kind of tea has been cherry green tea since I first got it from Gevalia... so it's nice to try another brand of that.

Republic of Tea - Brave
Got an email about this and immediately wanted it, though I didn't have any money until a week or so later. Ordered it as soon as I could, and it arrived on the day the movie opened, though of course I wasn't in a position to see the movie. At least I have tea, and this tin. And I'll see the movie sooner or later.

Popcorn - halloween
Of course, there are other tins here that may at one time have had popcorn in them, but I'm talking about one of those big tins that had 3 kinds of popcorn. I've had several of those over the years, but there are few I care about. This one is rather beat up now, but cool. It has a background of candy corn, and a foreground image of a black cat, or maybe it's a kitten. Anyway, I snapped a pic of it with my cellphone, since I couldn't find a picture of it online anywhere.

Harrod's Christmas Coffee
Got this for Christmas one year I guess, 2000 or so. Dunno what else to say.

AriZona Diet Green Tea Mix
Picked this up at Target. Been meaning to get it for awhile now. I strongly suspect that the design I'm most interested in is just on the plastic wrapper. It says "Enjoy one of America's favorite Green Teas, then remove the label, and use your beautiful AriZona collectable tin to store all your cool stuff!" Right. I'm not even going to think about removing the label. Maybe someday if I get another tin just for the tea, I'll try removing the label to verify my suspicion. But I don't have any real doubts.

Swedish Fish "Sweet Classics" by Sweet Factory
I got this tin some years ago from a Sweet Factory in a mall, I'm thinking probably in San Jose. I guess it came with some Swedish Fish in it. I've always liked Swedish Fish. Anyway, the tin is designed to look like a book. I rather like it. Dunno what else to say, but I just thought to take a picture of it with my cellphone. So here it is.

York Mints
Now this is a good idea. The tin says "Indulgent mints dipped in dark chocolate with a mint shell." I think they taste just like York peppermint patties, and making York mints in the form of... well, mints... I'm a bit surprised it didn't happen sooner. This is cool, and I like the tin. Except it's a bit difficult to open, at least without letting a bunch of mints fly out....

Whitman's Salmagundi
Saw this tin of chocolates. Looked cool. It was on sale. So I bought it. That's pretty much all there is to say, though this picture I found on the Russell Stover website, I don't think it really does the tin justice...

Boston Baked Beans
Got this tin with some Boston Baked Beans in it at a dollar store, I guess. Always liked this candy, so I guess the tin is cool.

Last Supper After Dinner Mints
One Christmas I received an Albert Einstein action figure, which is of course both cool and amusing. I was later checking out the Archie McPhee website, which is the company that makes or distributes this stuff, or whatever. They have tons of cool and amusing things there, including "Last Supper After Dinner Mints," which I ordered as a birthday present for my sister. But they sold the tins in sets of two, so I kept one for myself....

Cacao Reserve Truffles
Meh, there's no story here. I bought these in a grocery store. They were good. The tin's okay I guess, nothing special really, but okay. *shrug* Anyway, I took the image from their website.

I bought a couple tins of these at the Grasshopper Shop, which has lots of neat stuff. And I checked the AmuseMints website, which has tons of other mint tins, some of which I'd definitely like to get, but didn't see at the Grasshopper Shop, so I'll find out if I can order them online or something. Anyway, the Diva tin image I took from the website, but they didn't have a pic of the Lobster tin, so I scanned that myself.

Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Bought a couple these tins at the Grasshopper Shop, as well. And checked the Unemployed Philosophers Guild website (from where I took these images). I'm sure I'd like to get a bunches of their stuffs sometime, and they do sell it online, so it should be easy. Yay. There's definitely some stuff on the website that wasn't at the store, that I want.... Anyway, I've picked up more UPG tins at the Grasshopper Shop at later dates, too. Most recently, Obama Mints. But I'll probably get other things in the future.

Popcorn - Disney Princess
Happened to see this one day in Rite Aid, and I liked it. Couldn't find any images online, tried to snap some pics with my cellphone, but you know it takes such poor images usually. Still, I did find an image online of the princesses wearing the outfits they're wearing in the picture on the tin, to give you an idea...

Russell Stover - Christmas 2007
This was a Christmas gift. Yummy chocolates. And now... *shrug* I've got a tin. Dunno what to do with it, but I'll hold onto it, anyway...

Betty Boop Little Hottie Mints
Bought these at the Grasshopper Shop. (Took the image from BostonAmerica.com.) Haven't tried the mints yet, though I guess they're peppermint. Really, they should have made them cinnamon, don't you think? Whatever, still a cool tin.

Drinking Chocolate
This is a tin I got for Christmas 2007. Made some dem fine hot chocolate. Dunno what else to say.

Jelly Beans
Got this tin for Easter 2008. Had jelly beans in it. Dunno what else to say.

Jones carbonated candy
Got this at Target. Then found a picture at Amazon, where I also saw there are a bunch of other flavors I didn't see at the store, alas.

Hint Mint
Never heard of Hint Mint until December 2008, saw some tins in Giacomo's Groceria, including a couple of holiday tins. I picked up this one, and I see on the website there are some other tins I might like to get if I could find them...

Whitman's - Three Wise Men
This is one of several tins I got for Christmas 2008. And um... I guess that's all I have to say. It's nice, though. Hmmm, back of the tin says the artist is Bridget Tavener.

Super Power Mints- Star Wars
At Walmart I saw some Spider-Man and Star Wars tins. The SW ones were mostly Yoda, but there was one Darth Vader one, so I got that. The inside of the lid has pictures of four SW tins, including the two I saw, plus one of Chewbacca and one of a lightsaber duel (though I can't tell who the combatants are). Later on, I got the Yoda one (at 75% off!)

Zhena's Gypsy Tea
Bought this at Shaw's, found the pic on Amazon. Gypsy Tea website has a different pic for the chai... maybe they're older tins on the website, maybe newer, but definitely plainer. Anyway, so this Fireside Chai is decent stuff, I should try some other tea varieties from this brand....

Fairy Eggs bubble gum
Bought this at Grasshopper Shop. Damn tasty.

Wasabi Gumballs
I think I must have first seen these in an Archie McPhee catalog. Later I saw them at Grasshopper Shop, but I put off buying a tin of them, and then they were gone. Eventually I got one at Bull Moose Music. The pic is taken from Accoutrements website. I think there are probably other tins I have that I could lump together, that are made by Accoutrements (including the Fairy Eggs bubble gum), but... meh. It's too late now. Anyway, the mints aren't really hot like wasabi (so BNL won't be busting any rhymes about them), but they do kinda taste like wasabi. Which is weird. But they're also kinda sweet. And just a little hot. I'm not sure "good" is an adjective I'd use to describe them, but... maybe not as bad as you might think. In any event, an amusing concept...

Moose Mints
Got this at Walmart. Scanned the front and back. Um... this is probably mostly a Maine thing, I dunno. Anyway, I thought it looked cute or funny, or whatever.

Fairy Rose Mints
Got this at Grasshopper Shop. The image is from accoutrements.com. Nice little tin, and I really like the rose-flavored mints.

Fudge Tin
I got this at Staples, must've been in 2010. It's nice. That's all I can think to say.

Peter Pan Tin
Got this at Walmart for Christmas 2011. It had a pack of Famous Amos cookies in it, as well as a sort of trading card (though I have no idea if it's supposed to be part of a series of cards, or what).

non-food / Altoids / other foods

Spongebob Squarepants.
Eliza sent me this. It's for a watch from Burger King. Dunno what else to say right now...

Star Trek watch.
I don't think I have this watch anymore, but I do still have the tin.

Return of the Jedi watch.
There were six Star Wars watches with tins at Burger King, one for each movie. I got the RotJ one, with Leia on one side and Jabba on the other. Kinda nice I guess.

Merry Christmas
I got this tin for Christmas 2006 with quarters in it for laundry. Which is much appreciated, but of course the tin will last longer than the quarters. Can't think of anything to do with it, but I like it anyway. And um... so, I snapped a pic with my phone for this page....

Batman UNO
I bought this special deck of UNO cards for half off at a games store that was closing in January, since it's just open for the Christmas holiday season basically. It's made by Sababa Toys, which also makes alot of other special decks of UNO cards (as well as other stuff). I got a Nintendo one for my cousin for Christmas (from a different store in the same mall). The website has a few others that look interesting, but I don't suppose I'm likely to get any more. I don't play much UNO, anyway. But it's a cool deck....

This is a tin I saw at Walmart in 2007, but didn't get until 2009. Found the pic of the front on amazon, scanned the back. The tin contains a little booklet of Urban Legends & Ghost Stories, plus a CD of themes from scary movies, a CD of scary sound effects, and a DVD of Night of the Living Dead. Ah yeah, good shtuffs. Which I should try to check out on Halloween....

Absinthe flavored toothpicks
I picked this up at Bull Moose on Black Friday 2010. (The fact that it was Black Friday is of no significance whatsoever.) Um, I could swear I had some other absinthe-related tin, but I can't find a pic of one here, nor can I think where it might be, now. Maybe I'm just thinking of things I've seen that I wanted to get but never did, or maybe it was something other than a tin... or maybe it was something totally disposable. Or, maybe I just never scanned it and then misplaced it. I dunno. Whatever, I really want to try some actual absinthe someday. These just taste like anise, though it's not very strong. Whatever, it's a neat little tin, and it's nice to have something to carry toothpicks in. In case I ever need any.

Frozen cotton swabs
I picked up this little tin featuring Anna and Elsa from Frozen at the Dollar Tree. (It's made by Cotton Buds.)

Tinker Bell / non-food / Altoids / other foods

First up are some tins with neclaces in them that I saw at walmart. They were marked down, so I got them to scan for my Tinker Bell gallery, but later I moved them here. Also got a Tink tin at Target. Found a pic of two such tins online. The one I got is on the left of that pic.... In 2010, I got a Valentine's tin at Walmart. It looks better than the scan I made of it, plus Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Silvermist appear on the sides of the tin. Then, around Christmas 2010 or early 2011, I got a Disney Fairies locker tin at walmart. Which of course looks better than the scans I made. And in May 2011 I got a little tin with a puzzle in it, at a dollar store. I took the image from Amazon, though it has a few trivial differences from the appearance of my tin, it's basically the same. Um, and there's a Disney Fairies popcorn tin from Walmart, which I picked out for myself as a Christmas present, I think in 2009? I forget. I made a composite of five pics (the lid + four sides), scaled way down to fit on the page, but you can click each pic to open individually in a new window at full size. Then there's a Halloween tin which my sister gave me one year I think... 2009 or 10 maybe.

Fairies Popcorn tin Lid Silvermist Rosetta Fawn Iridessa

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