In chapter 4 of The Chaos, we meet an up and coming young band who call themselves Black Radly. As is explained in the chapter, that is the name of a type of bow in the Nightrunner series of books by Lynn Flewelling. After a few years of planning to send her an e-mail asking if it was okay to use the name, I finally did so, in February 2003. I received a reply the next day:
Hi David! I think Black Radly is a great name for a band. Knock yourself out.

Good luck with the writing. Success in our field is 99% sheer stubborness. ;-) Glad to hear you enjoyed the NR books, too. I think you'll like Bone Doll and you'll be glad to hear that the sequel, Hidden Warrior, will be out in July. The cover art should be up on my webpage soon.

Lynn Flewelling

So... that's cool. And if anyone's reading this... you gotta read her Nightrunner books one of these days, seriously. Brilliant stuff.

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