The Landian Chronicles

Someday I expect to start a site specifically for my book(s), but for now I'm including some reference materials related to that here on my personal website. This will include any scenes that I ultimately decide are unnecessary to include in the book, but which are still canonical to the story, so if anyone's interested in knowing more about what's going on, they can read the "bonus" scenes here. Also there will be other random things I may include, for whatever reason.

Book One: The Chaos

"The Chaos" bonus scenes (subject to change)
Gangster Gaiden
Mr. Yellow's thoughts (18 Su'yet, 912)
Of Demons and Vampyres (10 Aut'mo', 912)

side stories
The Biscotti Incident (unfinished)
World Fair 3 (unfinished/barely begun)

author's notes, etc.
Black Radly
Chaoslike plot points
The Landian Chronicles Wiki