children's books

Children's literature can come in pretty much any genre. And of course it can be written with various age groups in mind. For the purposes of this section, I think I'm basically going to include things written for pre-teens. (I certainly don't intend to include any YA stuff, because to my way of thinking, an adult is an adult. And I don't tend to think of "Young Adult" literature as being specifically for people who aren't adults... though certainly a lot of things called "YA" can appeal to teenagers or even pre-teens.) In fact, even things I do include in this section can just as well appeal to adults as to children. And some of them may even include some themes that might be a bit mature for the intended readership. I dunno. Of course, what's considered suitable for young readers has changed, over time, for various reasons. As has what's considered suitable for adults, I dare say. So... I'm sure you could find things that might be considered "children's literature" in other sections of my book reviews but not in this section. (It is, after all, my website, so I suppose I should feel free to use my own judgement about where to include what.)

Oh yes, and I should mention that many (but not all) of the books listed on my reading nostalgia page are children's books, which I will put reviews of in this section, if and when I get around to rereading them and writing reviews for them.

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