comedy & satirical novels

Of course, humor can be present in any genre. But this section is for books in which humor is at least half of the point of the book. There may be some books I list in both this section and another genre, as well as some I list only here, even if it overlaps with one or more other genre(s). This will generally be a subjective judgement on my part, of whether the point of the book is roughly equal parts humor and something else, or predominantly humor that simply uses another genre as a framework that serves the humor. You may not always agree with my judgement; hell, I may not always feel totally comfortable with my judgement.

Anyway... there are also different types of humor. Some will be just for the fun of the humor itself. Some, like satire, will serve a more serious purpose. Some may be light, some may be dark. And... that's all I can think to say, for now.

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