Backburnered projects

I often start a new project on my website and then fall out of the habit of working on it before it's finished. It may be weeks, months, or even years before I get back to it. Hell, decades, maybe. And I'm always worried I'll completely forget about something I was working on, so there's virtually no chance I'll ever get back to it. So, I've finally decided to start a list of any projects I've got on the backburner, to ensure that doesn't happen. (But it's entirely possible I already have forgotten some things, so this page may well be incomplete.)

actor links

anime galleries
Over the last several years, I've entirely deleted a bunch of galleries I had for specific shows, and drastically reduced the number of images in some of the galleries I've kept. But I often think I should probably delete more of the galleries, possibly even all of them. I just don't want to do that without looking through them, first. And that would be extremely time-consuming, given the current speed of my internet. So I intend to wait until such time as I have fast internet, again. (Meanwhile, most of the galleries that remain aren't even of anime, but of American animation.)

There have been some things I think I used to have pages for here, that I must have deleted at some point. Right now the only one that comes to mind is Pez dispensers. I'd like to restart that page someday, but make it better than it was before. Not just list the ones I have, but include pictures. Also, there are some pages I haven't deleted, but which I need to add things to, which I haven't done lately because I can't find a picture of something online and I don't currently have the means to take a picture I could upload myself. Also, I want to start subdirectories for each of my collections. And I want to redesign some of them so that there aren't a ton of pics on one page.

comic book reviews
There are a bunch of comics I collected before I had a website (and even after I had a website, but before I started writing comic reviews). I need to re-read those and write reviews.


I made a bunch of fanvids, mostly for "Avatar: The Last Airbender," back in 2006. But they all got removed from YouTube years ago. More recently, I began uploading them to my website. I haven't done all of them yet, and I may very well remove the ones I already have here. Partly this is because of limited storage space on my site, and these are some big-ass files. Partly because it may not be strictly in keeping with Angelfire's rules about copyrighted material. What I'd really like to do is find a host site that's specifically for video streaming, and that I wouldn't worry about my whole site being deleted because of it. (Also, I have always had ideas for more fanvids I want to make someday, but I have no idea if or when I'll get to that, especially if I don't know whether I'd even have a place to put them online if I did make them.)

The Grey Pages
This section belongs to one of my "alternate personalities," a conspiracy theorist/paranormal investigator called Captain Grey. I haven't worked on most of the stuff in this section at least since 2001, probably earlier. (Though I've made a few tweaks to some things, more recently... but not very recently.) In particular, I had started a lexicon page on which I intended to list a lot of important names (of people, places, events, etc.) and terminology related to Captain Grey's field of research. I never finished the page, so I don't think I ever put a link to it on either the main Grey Page or any of the subpages in that section. I've always wanted to get back to that someday. And then I'd have to make changes to some of my other pages in the section, as well.

Make a list of backburnered projects.

message board banners
Years ago, I made a page collecting banners that I and other people had made for the Adult Swim Message Board. Now I occasionally think I should make a similar page for banners I have used on my own message board, Volcano Mountain. They can currently be found on my Photobucket account, but I find that is often very slow-loading, so I'd like to move the images to my website. And who knows if Photobucket (or my account on it) will be around forever? Still, it's a low priority.

movies and television

music collection Rounders
These were collaborative stories I was involved with on the old message boards, in the mid-to-late 90s. There are some reference materials I started creating back then, and quickly abandoned. I'd like to get back to them someday. I'd also like to use the Wayback Machine to look for archives of the old stories, and put links to them on my Rounders page, possibly also write summaries of the stories.

Most of the stuff you see listed on this page is complete. But there are some stories that aren't listed here, which I started and never finished. I'd like to get back to those, eventually. Still other stories I haven't even started, but have had ideas for. And there are various stories I never finished (and some I planned on, but never started) about specific characters I used to think of as alternate personalities.