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Back in April 2006 (early in the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender), I joined a LiveJournal group called Avatar Fans. Some folks there were sharing Avatar AMVs* they made, and shortly thereafter there was a spin-off LJ group called Avatar Vids. Because of those groups, I started making AMVs, myself. (Luckily, the computer I had back then had Windows Movie Maker pre-installed.) I must have also done at least one AMV specifically for Distant Horizon's forum. And... eventually I stopped making AMVs, though that wasn't by choice. I have had numerous ideas for Avatar AMVs that I never got around to making, though I still haven't completely given up. There are certain songs that, whenever I hear them, I think "Someday... I'm gonna make an AMV with this," and images of bits and pieces flash through my mind. My current computer doesn't actually have a movie making program, though I do have some software I bought. I don't like it as much as I did WMM (though even that gave me problems, back in the day). But someday I really hope I do get back into making AMVs.

And it's not just for "Avatar." In 2008, I made an AMV for The Spectacular Spider-Man. Thus far, that's the only non-Avatar AMV I've made (aside from a really lame one for MAR using the song "Caramelldansen," which I very much doubt I'll ever be uploading to this site). I've had ideas for AMVs for some other shows, too, but not many ideas, and most of them were never that important to me (the ideas, not the shows... shows are important). I have an idea for a PMV** I want to make for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but I have no idea if I'll ever make it, because I'm not sure if I can get the episodes onto my computer. (I even bought an episode off iTunes specifically for that purpose, but then the program I wanted to use refused to recognize the file format, because iTunes is evil.) Anyway... I don't know that I'll ever have many non-Avatar vids even if I do get back into making AMVs, but we'll see.

Also I need to mention that not all my fanvids are AMVs, though most of them are. There's one promo and one fake trailer I made, both for Avatar. There's also a really weird thing I made for Lost. And um... I don't remember if there's any other fanvids I've made for anything. I really feel like I must have made something... maybe. Or maybe not. But whatever, it's not important. What's important is that years and years ago, YouTube deleted tons of fanvids by lots of users, including me. Then I started using an inferior site called VidiLife, which doesn't even exist anymore. And for a little while, I had an account on a third site... I think it was LiveVideo or something like that. I just had two vids there, the Spider-Man one and the Caramelldansen one. But that site seems to be gone now, too. And now, in 2015, I have decided to just upload my old vids to my own website, instead of relying on other sites to host them. This could eat up my webspace and bandwidth, but at least the site won't disappear, or use tons of ads and junk, and probably no one's going to force me to remove the videos.

*AMV technically stands for Anime music video, which means that many people will not consider any fanvid (songvid) that uses western animation rather than anime to be a true AMV. But personally, I prefer to think of AMVs as "animation music videos," whether they use anime or not.
**PMV: "Pony Music Video" (an AMV using scenes from "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic")